1. X

    This Scares Me

    Ok I was messing around in photoshop (go figure) and I somehow came up with this. I warn you to be carefull while looking at it. It really does scare me. Here It Is
  2. TimTheEnchantor

    Experiment Finished work..

    This is a picture of my friend Lena. She was kind enough to lend me an image to manipulate..the focal point are the eyes, and the darkness brings your eyes to it. Enjoy, it's very simple, yet it has a meaning, maybe you can guess it?
  3. OFFSPRiNGCo16


    decided to post a little update on some models and or skins maggem did for meh mod. Enjoy these models of Young Genkai, Botan, and Juri! :) So what do ya guys think? I'll post another picture of another model and another one of those skinned in a day or so
  4. Constructor

    My 1st own Sig :D

    Hi there, pls comment on my first own selfmade sig :) from 1-10 below or @