1. M


    Don't remember posting this one, 4 month old sig.
  2. J

    [WIP] Sasuke

    C&C needed and welcome. Thanks,
  3. M

    Sasuke Shippuuden

    I tried fixing that annoying shape on the right.
  4. Gama

    Sasuke Wallpaper [WIP]

    brainfart moment, lost on what i should do next
  5. PiXel

    [Spoiler] Sasuke Shippuuden

    Uhm , just a small project for my start into my new notebook, its abit harder to work with a notebook since i dont have a proper mouse, i hope i will get one soon enough. The wires and Mesh: and i started on the highpoly ,_, (i will use the highpoly version only to bake me the spots...
  6. AmoN

    tried sasuke

  7. M

    Sasuke, Comment or Leave please

    Please give comments
  8. N

    and im skining a sasuke = ]

    i tried to skin sasuke my way here is what i got i didint took long, tbh it took a few hours. and i must say that there isent much too skin, few lines here and there : D i added some extra lines couse the maps where to empty for meh : D and ravven im faster then you xD !! i already got the...
  9. M

    Heh, a Sasuke pic

  10. Suh Dude

    Naruto & Sasuke

    Border inspired by mf29, used a C4 render from Planet and i'm also not trying to copy anyone, even look at the tutorial I used for the filter. ;9
  11. Deathshot

    Sasuke I hate you

    But I love my latest sig. Hope you guys like it also ^^
  12. Ravven

    Uchiha Sasuke W.I.P.

    Yeah guys, here's the only survivor of the Uchiha clan (except someone called Itachi ;)) Give him a warm welcome!!! I give u Sasuke! : P I decided to this one long ago, but never had rly the time. Now with the great work of Nataku, my Nr.1 Unpredictable Ninja is comming to live. I thought...
  13. G

    Uchiha Sasuke - maybe + all forms later

    Strated this guy up, not a big fan of it but meh Naruto screamed for his friend planned to texture it too, stay tuned
  14. davidhalo

    Sasuke - Tournament Arc

    Start > Definition > Before Final > Wire > TriCount - 1695...that's right..I like detailed. Editing to come and finalizing.
  15. M

    Sasuke *Test*

    I don't know, testing the flow, something is missing. Comments on them?
  16. Super Veggeto

    Uchiha Sasuke WIP

    First Naruto character model for meh! Actually started the head long time ago but I remodeled it and...well, anyways, it's not meant for a mod or any special purpose, also a reason why I went careless with the polycount (3550+) and still need to add a few details and stuff, dont really mind how...
  17. J

    Sasuke WIP

    Well... ya. This is my first character model ive done in a long time, still cant do heads for **** so i just need crits and comments on the model...
  18. TRSS


    ok i havnt posted anything in a while, unless you count the competition( im not so why should you ^__^) any way C & C's?
  19. E

    ET drawing Sasuke? Incomprehensible!

    Hey guys, I hope this gets more of a reception than my previous post did. Anyway, earlier today I was bored and decided to see if I could draw Sasuke from Naruto. It doesn't really matter why, but I only started the sketch. I was curious what others thought of what I had so far. Let me...
  20. JTR

    Sasuke Tweaked

    I tweaked my old Sasuke a bit... That means: - NEW Head [Hair needs to be weilded and tweaked.. have to position the hair right..] - NEW Hands [ALOT better that the old ones...] - NEW Sandals [dno.. just tweaked a bit... havent really compared them myself..] - Cutted 20 polies.. and more...