1. Enix

    Sarutobi [3rd hokage]

    Been showing this in the simple render thread, but it's almost done. I'm putting it in TS later, although its not meant for it, was just for fun.
  2. Rayos

    Countdown to Sarutobi's Surgery

    6 Days and counting. I know a few of you guys that were on the team and some close friends knew i have been sick with my weight and some heart problems. Well all the testing and dieting has finally come to this point. My surgery date is NOVEMBER 20th. I will be going into NYU in New York City...
  3. Rayos

    Sarutobi Testing for surgury

    Alright the season finally came to an end and my testing is now beginning for the lap band surgury. As many know i have had some heart problems and weight problems. Well talking with my family as well as a few doctors, i have come to the conclusion that this surgury is needed and that on tuesday...
  4. Rayos

    SARUTOBI Won the Lottery

    I won...OMFreakinG i won the lotto and got at my jobs picnic lotto...
  5. Rayos

    Sarutobi's Index to Love through ESF

    Extending from Dark's Latest post, I am bringing to you my latest index of Love Handling and making through ESF. is the origin of this INDEX I. The Basics 1. Mentioning you got your love advice from a video game: Don't...
  6. Rayos

    Sarutobi returns and is corny as ever

    Oh am i corny as ever...all check me out in my glory of stupidity and no sleep
  7. Rayos

    Sarutobi The Wrestler

    I finally was able to get my videos of me on my computer since i did not have a video compiler for vhs...but that time is now gone. I am posting this here for anyone that is interesting in seeing my wrestling is only 4 matches total and i just tried to make it a little snazzy...
  8. Rayos


    I got pain's permission so MEH and Oh and if you all want pictures ME AS A PENGUIN WITH MY STONER BROTHER BOBBY
  9. F

    I love you Sarutobi Sensei, you make know.... youuuu know!

    HAPPY MOTHER ****IN' BIRTHDAY!!!!! I love you SS! She's all yours ;)
  10. Rayos

    Sarutobi Djs

    If you are interested in listening to me dj...i play all music you name it i play it. If you want to know when i dj just Message me here or im me at gccboys3 thanks all and i hope you all would want to tune in one day :)
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