1. Skyrider

    Team Fortress 2 Medic / Gold Rush Released + Exploit!

    Well, the Medic Achievements and Goldrush has been released like 12 hours ago. And just within a few hours, someone already found an exploit to use to unlock every single achievement of the new medic weapons. Of course, Valve is familiar with them and all stats will be possible reset.
  2. -Origin


    Starcraft II Hands-On. Click me!
  3. E

    A rush attack(new) and a Swoop fix

    I think they should remove the pause for the forward swoop. Meaning a player could fly forward as long as he/she wanted until they ran out of ki. I do believe the team should keep the pause for the left,right,up,down,and back swoop. -My reason? It just slows the pace of the game down to have...
  4. C

    Melee Suggestion(Sort of like Dragon Rush from Budokai 3)

    I think ESF would benefit from special move combos induced from melee. What I mean is, much like ESF already has the two combos(which i happen to know), hopefully the team can add additional combos that instead of meleeing the person, the combo makes the character perform a special move like in...
  5. A


    whatever its called i forget.. when you double tap forward and you rush forward? simple suggestion: make it last as LONG as you hold forward.. nothin for annoying then tryin 2 fly somewhere and u have to keep tappin the damn thing its not realistic.. neways thats my idea
  6. NeLo

    NeLo's Art

    Well i found out how to scan my shiz. So im happy. Anyway i had to trace my work due to the paper that i originally drawn it on was too huge.(11 x 14 inches) That made me mad so i had to trace it and then scan it. :S So here it is. Btw it is not as good as the original. This was a like a 5 mins...
  7. sexyasian86

    Mega Man X/Rush Armor

    here it is. ^_^<--click here if u cant see picture. i got bored? not really. for a mod i'm working for. then i made it for esf. ^___^ replaces gohan wh00t. [, gonna get started on the rush armor for your...
  8. Mistery X

    Just to piss you guys more off, Brolly SSJ WIP

    lookie.. here is my latest work.. will be done eventualy.. soon.. I hope.. tell me if u guys like.. oh ya.. not for ESF
  9. C

    DBZ based movie Adrenaline Rush

    Hey, Me,Evolution,and Todd (Friends of the real world,real life :p) are making a movie called Adrenaline Rush. It's DBZ based,we got some ideas from Cooler's/Kooler's Revenge,and some other things. We got some good music picked out for fighting scenes,costumes are being designed and made...
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