1. Mkilbride

    Battlefield 3 is offiically ruined now; mod tools released.

    Wasn't a sparkling gem before this, but now it's a turd for sure. When I first saw the news article, I nearly fell over from excitement, thinking DICE had officially released tools. Not so...sadly.
  2. sub

    The man who probably ruined Spore
  3. ~*Logan*~

    Endings that ruined it all

    Have you ever watched an anime that was so good, you couldn't wait to see the amazing ending? Sure, we all have. However, have you ever seen an anime that had an ending that completely ruined everything for you? And ending that made you preak out your "WTF Flag" and parade it around town? I'm...
  4. C

    Spiderman 2 Ruined for PC?

    appparently the new game Spiderman 2 which we have all seen of course looks awsome..was changed around in gameplay when converted for the PC...the PC version is now suited for children ages of 6-12..i personally was tricked by this because i was missinformed...and now im angry...theres a...
  5. K

    esf is ruined

    man how can you close my post before i got a chance to respond look esf got very slow i gave it a month before i said anything this update they are doing you say its going to be fast but you guys think the game is fast now when its as slow as a retard and for those of you who think its a million...
  6. K

    ESF is Ruined

    hey iv been playing esf since it first came out of course under another name, but i can't believe what you did to your mod you killed it. It use to be fast paced and fun, now its just slow and boring why did you guys make esf aimed at the noobs who could never melee and would cry and say hacker...
  7. Marauder

    new wp

    here is a new one :) inspired by enlightment by naz, thenks man ^_~ (i did it alone thaugh, the idea is from his work :))
  8. T

    DBU piccolo skin... (W.I.P)

    iconz modeled it.. im doing it for dbu tell em what you think so far