1. L

    Rome 2 Total War

    I can't believe no one did a thread on it. The engine looks great . I loved RTW 1 ( I'm a fan of that historical period ) , probably going to love RTW2 atleast as much. I'm hoping they will allow the modders to edit stuff as the map,etc as they could in RTW... Any opinions?
  2. Rocky

    Homosexuality in Ancient Rome?

    Ok here's the story, in year 11 (2003) my friends were doing Ancient History and were learning about Ancient Rome and whatever. They had this project to do which they ended up doing a movie of. Most of it was educational stuff to get marks for the project but a few bits and pieces were...
  3. M

    Gods and Heroes Rome Rising

    This is the MMO iv been waiting for, iv watched it for about 2 years, and it has been delayed countless times, but now it is finally shaping up, and i believe if all is well it releases in june, and i can't wait!
  4. M

    Gods and Heroes Rome Rising

    This game is pretty much strictly for mythology fans as the combat is great looking it will more then likely get bland after seeing the moves more then once, however, if you are a mythology fan then you will enjoy working for the gods and fighting others who worship another god, november 2nd is...
  5. Growler

    Drawing Competition - Restore Rome | 11/22/05 - 12/20/05

    I was watching a video today in History... It was a video about how Rome would have looked like back in the day when it was a sprawling empire. Take the image provided and sketch how you think the city would have looked. The Picture, as you noticed, is in ruins... so, re-create the picture to as...
  6. DracoHeart

    Rome Total War (Vote for the best faction!)

    I want to know which faction is the best. Then, I will play in the imperial campaign and complete with it. Right now, I have unlocked Gaul, Carthage and Greek. Anyway, which is the best playable faction in imperial campaign? With best units and settlements.
  7. G

    any body got ''Rome Total War'' >>????

    does any body got ''Rome Total War'' cuz i wana buy it and i wana no if it is worth buying it??
  8. K

    Rome: Total War

    I made this thread just for the discussion about the game Rome: Total War. I got this game because my friend kept on bothering me about getting it so we could both play it so i did and wow, im glad i did. Very good game and challenging. love it. give it a clean 10/10