1. Kaination

    2012: The Year The Internet Ends (Net Neutrality at risk)

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  2. Phobius

    Gundam 00 (Spoilers) No need for whiting text!! Enter at your own Risk!

    Holy **** on a stick that was such an amazing first season of the series. I couldn't believe how they ended the first season and I think they finally brought back the Gundam name with this series it started off awesome went to holy wtf this **** is crazy awesome and ended with OMFG I can't...
  3. Phobius

    24 Season 5 has begun!! (Spoilers!!!) Read at your own risk.

    Well so far David Palmer and Michelle Dessler are dead. Tony Almeida is near death and Jack Bauer is back in L.A. So far so good though its sad to see Michelle die but you know whats probably going to happen Tony is going to go Rambo on the terrorists asses. Well I can't wait for the 2 new...
  4. Hyper Chi Aura

    What's your risk level

    What's your risk level? It measures how dangerous you are, I got an S :laff:
  5. DJ-Ready

    Risk Your Life

    well, im curious.... so, anyone plays RYL? if so, on which server? im a lvl43 (or was it 44 lol) sin on cheiron :)
  6. Phatslugga

    Dawn of the Dead (read at own risk, spoilers)

    Well, I just saw it, and I thought it was a great movie! As far as zombie horror movies go, this was one of the better ones, a bit more unique than the rest. It was funny at the right times, serious when it needed to be, and it had fast zombies (far superior to the slow zombies). Wasn't as...
  7. Phobius

    Capture the Dragon Balls mode is experimental. Play at your own risk.

    The mode capture the dragon balls is in the experimental stage and the team does not plan on working on this mode till beta 2. So please don't tell us any problems with CTDB mode because 1. We probably already know about it. 2. It will be worked on for the next release of ESF. Which is...