1. Barney's_Soul

    Is a 7600GT enough to play ESF high rez w/ AA+AF?

    Will a 7600GT be enough to play ESF at high resolutions with full analiseing and anatropic filtering with 100 fps?
  2. KarrdeKNR


    Ok, so I'm just curious who owns/has played this game. Originally for the Dreamcast and then ported to PS2 (and a bit old to boot), a lot of people probably haven't heard about it. Anyway, I finally managed to find a copy at Gamestop. It's as addictive as ever. So anyway, like I said, just...
  3. ZeroNightmare

    Where to find pictures of high rez guns?

    I've seen cool pictures of guns, very good quality, on white backgrounds, anyone know where to find these?
  4. SierraSonic


    I think the rez should be like this: You hold the mouse button, a little charge up animation shows, then when you pass the line on the bar he starts shooting the attack, at its weakest, as it grows, ever so slowly, it gets more powerful, the trick is that the more powerful it gets the more...