1. S

    Want to know how to add more people to your ESF?

    Well i do too. I recently downloaded a model that i wanted to add in my ESF but not replace anyone. Now don't tell me this is not possible because i remember reading in a thread that it is possible and that you can access your guy through the console. So if anyone knows the thread or how to do...
  2. S

    dbgtn models

    ok hawk ice deleted last thread cuz of spam. so doon't spam this one. i am the one who is skinning teck. but i also remade him. heres the pics of teck and gokan. credits on teck to azn dragon, smo, black raidon, Turk, Mastasurf, and Xstortionist
  3. Logan4434

    17 Wip

    well its been a while since ive modeled and yesterday my phones went out so i had nothing to do so i worked on a 17(BTW need a skinner to finish it for me) for those of you who want credits: smo for torso azn for everythingelse besides arms and feet arms and bandana were made by me:laff...
  4. I

    Samarigoku (reviving a dead thread)

    Well, i had a thread got big...then died, so i'm gonna reving it I made a model replacement for goku, its called SamariGoku: *for a face closeup Credits go to: -the esf modeler for the goku model and face skin -Me for the hair and the body skin & sword skin -Whoever...
  5. Rajikk

    A good name

    Hey could someone come up with a decent name for a character this is really serious nothing stupid just a good name for a character I'm making. I'm terrible at coming up with names.
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