1. Deathshot

    Sig of the Week Revival?

    This Weeks Winner is Origin. Origin - Demonoid - MC- CrossEye- Avenger- Sicron- Lith-
  2. Kaination

    Mosque at Ground Zero revival

    It's been quite a while! Just thought this was interesting enough to spark some discussion up in these boards: tl;dr people wanna build like a 13 story mosque at ground zero. LOL WTF...
  3. Pain

    Blaster Master: Overdrive

    It's another oldschool revival. I know nothing about it at the moment, but I enjoyed the original. Scheduled to come out for WiiWare on the 8th of this month. Source.
  4. Deathshot

    Funny Video Thread Revival! GO GO GO!!!!!!!1111one
  5. Sting

    ECX Revival beta vid released

    Well here is a beta vid of tien, chiaotsu, Goku and Bardock. This vid is released with the official credits from ecx. Have fun watching it.
  6. Sting

    ECX: Revival

    This is only a alpha vid of the new addon ECX Revival. This means a lot will change but we show you some features we going to have for you. Like Vegeta's new attack. Its the similair attack from the series that he used against Nappa. Also we added some plugins that raven made once. We...
  7. Spunky

    Project: Saiyan Revival - Progress

    My apologies for not explaining exactly what P: SR is. P: SR is a project I started a while back, in which actors live through the various Sagas of Dragonball Z. You can check here to see the current progress of the project: Actors Needed: 2 - (60% completed) Models Needed: 4 (w/skins &...
  8. Spunky

    Saiyan Revival: Actors Needed

    Saiyan Revival is a project I started a while ago, in which actors live through the Sagas of Dragonball Z. I don't like Dragonball/Z/GT at all, but I figure it will be good practice. So, the first step in this project is to recruit actors. Do any of you think you have what it takes? If so, drop...
  9. F

    DBZ Revival - 2005 Most of you know the game Dragonballz: Budokai Tenkaichi 1 for the PS2, which I recently purchased. No..noo this is not about the game, so MODS please do not move it to the gaming topic. What I love so much is the introduction of the game! It...
  10. Suh Dude

    The Revival of the YTMND THREAD!

    I must revive this thread!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Anyways, post your favorite YTMNDS. And the same rule as from the other topic, don't post any negative YTMNDS that may not be work safe. =)
  11. Mr. Satans

    Server Revival

    Seems like lately, whenever I log on to MSN & AIM I get always seem to be messaged by people asking "WTF where is your ESF Server?!" -- So, I decided since there seem to be a lot of people who actually want my server back, I put it back up for v1.2.3 @ (w/ Fast D/L & all the...
  12. M

    Revival Project(3G) - Anime Music Videos (Dragon Ball Related)

    DB\Z\GT\AF\Movies... all those clips are called Anime Music Videos... as many of you most probably know them ( of course ) but what Im looking for in this thread is the Legendary Ginga Giri Giri Team work! I mean their clips! I already have three of them but I know by this site...
  13. Epedemic_Optikz

    The Revival: One Word Story...

    Yeah son... time to bring this thread back.... this time its gonna double the posts it finshed at so that means this is gonna finish with 2000+ posts... Alrite so anyway... for the new people who don't know what the One Word Story is, i'll tell you... ok basically its like this... everyone...
  14. A

    DB Revival rpg

    what happened to that... any one know...