1. Mkilbride

    580GTX Reviews are in ~ Wow, the 580 GTX beats the 5970 from ATi, a dual GPU. 580 is also a single GPU, which will consume less power, and generate less heat, and is 80$ cheaper, according to the review. Of course the 5970 beats it on higher...
  2. M

    Negative Reviews Silenced

  3. M

    Video Game Reviews

    Does anyone think that there should be a Video Game Review section here?
  4. M

    Planet Half-Life Reviews ESF 1.2.3.

  5. M

    Halo 3 Reviews The gametrailers review was epic, I love the man who does them.
  6. M

    Few Reviews

    I went gameshopping for my self and others yesterday and id like to review from my experiences with some of the games if you wouldn't mind. First up.. StarShip Troopers: Despite all the reviews that they released on this game, saying it didn't potray the movie at all i just say BS to that...
  7. OubliezJe

    Ladder 49 : Reviews

    This in my opinion was a great movie. I have a new respect for FireFighters. The end caught me by suprise, to a point. i give it a 8/10. What did you guys think of it?
  8. T

    Beta Reviews

    I remembe reading that the beta had been distributed for reviews. Where and when will those reviews be posted?