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Jun 1, 2004
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I went gameshopping for my self and others yesterday and id like to review from my experiences with some of the games if you wouldn't mind.

First up..
StarShip Troopers:
Despite all the reviews that they released on this game, saying it didn't potray the movie at all i just say BS to that. Sure they made you into a basically killing machine, how else would they have done it?

My idea would of been to go through bootcamp, and work your way up the rank lines, but they did a good job regardless.

You are a marauder which seems to be a normal soldier, with enhanced accuracy, no fear etc, they put you into a suit which they just call marauder armor, it has a shield and such, this annoys me they say it was copied from Halo. The funny thing is they say that about SST, but no about Call of Duty 2 go figure.

Anyways, the graphics, they dissed, for the reasons i have seen only thing that could of caused that is the people models, because the guns, the enviorment, and your model is dead on, but the people models were slacked severely.

1 out of 10 i would give graphics a steady 8.6, only reason why is the people models, it made me think i was playing wolfenstein all over again, but the lighting shadows, and bugs chrome type looks from their poors seeping some type of liquid is just awesome.

Gameplay, what more is there to say about this you kill bugs, and lots of them, very rarely will you see the 300 on screen at one time, and thats only if you slack off. Personally, i favor removing their legs and mandibles and watching them squirm, so 7/10.

Sounds, Hmmm well i can't really judge it because i don't know their normal sounds, but the way it is now is pretty darn good,7.9.

All in all unless you are a die hard fan of SST i would say avoid this title, the game is nice and the online has a coop mode which is what i was waiting for, but thanks to reviews its hard to get a game set up =P.

Next in line Blitz the Leage.

O this game is fun and i don't even like football!
I loved the other blitz games, and this one only adds onto my love of the series. With bones cracking, tendons ripping, and injuries a flying i would say pick this up if you want a uniqe online experience.

Graphics, I don't play many football games, but they aren't revolutionary, and there are some graphical glitches which is sadly unfixable due to it being a console game, so 7.3/10.

Gameplay, Pure adrenaline rushing when you toss that ball run for it, or go for the tackles, then you see the bones tendons etc just snapping, and watching the players twitch after seeing what you had done, it is just so much fun so 9/10.

Sounds, awesome job on the sounds, and the random taunts are awesome and also annoying 8/10.

Gauntlet the seven sorrows.

Hmm well i am a huge gauntlet fan, back when it first came out, and up to the current day. This game does let you relive all those lovely moments of gauntlet in higher quality graphics but it doesn't deliver the way you would think it would.
The fighting is uniqe to say the least, 3 main buttons are your attacks, 1 is hack, other is slash, other is launch, then each of them have a projectile attack button. As you level up and gain gold through the levels you can buy new abilities, and increase your chars overall, damage, health, or mana regain.

They did a great job on the game regardless, but when you figure out how to manipulate your char correctly, you can be level 9 before the 4th level easily.

The chars are, The warrior, The Elf, The Valykrie, The Wizard. Personally i prefer the wizard over them all, he is just awesome, tho it takes a little while to understand the fighting system if you are use to just casting spells.

Graphics, A huge improvement from the N64 version, but why wouldn't it be? 7/10

Gameplay, Hmm Hacking and slashing, Launching and shooting, throwing it all into combos and watching the carnage isn't as satisfying as it used to be but being a gauntlet fan i love it, however if you are not a gauntlet fan beware of this game, so ill be fair to the others on this one, i would rate it a 9 easy, but in general i would say a 6/10 for repetitive gameplay, but thats just how gauntlet has always been.

Sound, Wonderful sounds, a little strain but who can forget "Red Wizard is about to die!" Yes this sound alone puts my judgement at a 7.9/10.

I also got Burnout Revenge and Resident evil 4, but i haven't played them yet when i do i will say what i think.

In the meantime if you guys want pictures of SST, or want to speak your mind about a previous purchase then feel free to do so, unless a mod protests against it =).

Played a little of another game and here is my short review till i experiment more with it.

Burnout Revenge,
The graphics first of all are spectacular, the gameplays a little like burnout 3, but way better imo, the ability to hit the traffic from behind, and get takedowns from it is a awesome addition. All the time i played B3, i wanted to turn traffic off, but knocking them into my teammates is better.

The crash mode is like completely revamped, the traffic checking has to be used here in higher levels of crash, and the types of vehicles you get really helps out, my brother seems to favor the chipped paint 4X4 i call it the "Red Neck Mobile".

My graphical, etc review will continue once iv played more of it, for now im off to play the game of the year RE4.

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