1. H

    Revenge Deathball for Baby

    Hey, someone can help me? i have a baby vegeta, but he don't haves the revenge ball (the ball look like genki dama, but his color are black and blue and he haves in middle a little circles in white)
  2. M

    Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo Trailer

    <div style="width: 480px;"><object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase=",0,0,0" id="gtembed" width="480" height="392"> <param name="allowScriptAccess" value="sameDomain" /> <param...
  3. Dzamija

    Revenge of the Fluoride

    Revenge of the Flouride Chapter 1 - Revelation The Shadow Government...... "Everyone be seated." The tall man in a black suit and sunglasses on his face stood up and ordered everyone else to do the opposite, as he prepared to explain the further intentions of the Shadow Government's...
  4. Desmond Tiny

    A plot for revenge

    Now I've read various other topics like "How to and how not to get laid" and other such things where people posting there problems and I thought I'd have a go at a problem I've currently got and maybe someone could give me a plan for revenge on the said person or maybe a plan for me to say...
  5. frsrblch

    Moral revenge, the internet way Quite the story over a stolen Sidekick (which seems to be something like a Blackberry). It's ongoing too. I thought it was going to come to a happy ending, but instead I was left with an ultimatem cliffhanger. Looks like things are going much more...
  6. M

    Games revenge?

    I guess just watch what you do to the characters in games, they shall get their revenge, im just assuming the game he was playing was made custom just for this commercial or promotion lol.
  7. D

    Coolers Revenge

    Any1 else feel real let down by this. ending was rather abrupt lol. i just watched. its basically frieza saga in small and less impressive. and no vegeta:(
  8. Tassadar

    [SPOILERS!] Revenge of the Sith

    So... I just got back from watching the midnight show. And I must say, Lucas definatly got back his reputation from it. The movie was darker, more aggressive, and all around better than the first two before it. There were only a few sketchy parts in the movie, but all around, it is a...
  9. VivaLaPineapple

    revenge of the Post your desktop

    yeahpost um up
  10. A

    dbex: revenge

    any1 no this game? its a 2d fighting game useing m.u.g.e.n. and its the best one but dose any1 no the attacks for goten?
  11. t he OnE Z Er0

    its there a gohan from coolers revenge

    :tired: it will be cool if there was one and a goku from coolers revenge:idea:
  12. Ryoko

    Midtown - Living Well Is The Best Revenge

    Anyone heard this album? I bought it yesterday and it it great! Midtown - A Faulty Foundation Midtown - Like A Moive Midtown - Still Trying Those are my fav songs at the minute ^^; Opinions?
  13. Chimpbot

    Review: Cooler's Revenge DVD(Uncut)

    Alright, I've had the fansub for awhile and have enjoyed this movie in all of its over-recorded grainy glory. When I heard that FUNi was finally releasing it on DVD, I was overjoyed. Number one of two of my two favorite DBZ movies was finally gonna be cleaned up. So, I got my hands on it as...
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