1. Mkilbride

    Retail threatens to not sell Steam games. Ha...
  2. M

    Digital Distribution vs. Retail

    Whether it's music, films, video games, books, applications, etc, which source do you prefer to (legally) obtain your media from?
  3. M

    Dark messiah the retail version.

    I finally got it, as it ran in the demo you go through the tutorial learning all the motions+moves how to use spells etc, after that you speak to your mentor and he sends you to stonehelm where it immediately jumps into the action by knocking you off horseback, the music is omg awesome it really...
  4. L

    Who can tell me is it plan to do an Retail Version like this?

    There is all beta-test version... Why don't have a full version with Single Player. I builded information for a long time so. If there can be planned, I think it may causes 6 or more episodes. I hope this game may associate for DB and DBZ, don't you? I hope it may be.
  5. E

    CS retail

    Hey, Does CS retail have steam? Evo412
  6. D

    All CS retail users w/installer probs look here.

    I have found the solution to the beta 1.1 installer for all those with cs. all you have to do is creat a folder called "HALF-LIFE". this must be the exact name. then start the installer and it should work.
  7. D

    CS Retail?

    is ESF compatible with CS retail? if not, is there a hl.exe file that can make it work?
  8. T

    dod retail problem

    when i install esf to dod, it works fine. But when i install the bots to esf, i can't play esf at all. As soon as i create the game, it kicks me to desktop-no error message. Anyone else have that problem? Can anyone tell me how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  9. X

    Day of Defeat Retail

    Okay this is for you who bought DoD Retail v1.0. Yes ESF will work with it but you can't change your controls and it seems to kick you out of a server when you try to join (I got in once). Although you can create a server. I am trying to find a way to fix this but I can't seem to register on...
  10. X

    DoD 1.0 Retail Release

    It comes out today at 1pm PST WHEEEEE! (for those of you who don't know 4pm EST) Looks really good!
  11. T

    can u play esf wid cs retail version

    hey can u play esf with cs retail version,bcoz dat is all i have. i dont hab half-life. If that is the case is there a retail version of esf
  12. T


    Hi, i hear about retail version of CS everywhere. What is it? Is it better then HL\CS1.5 (as an exemple) O yeah, could someone please change my name here to The Gohan
  13. stiffdog

    is esf playable with cs retail version?

    :cry: AHHH! i need help, i have tried to install esf but it crashes (totally exits) after i create a game and it starts loading. i have downloaded halflife v1.1.1.0 the latest version thinking that would help but it didnt. I do not have the original half-life but i have half-life...
  14. H

    can i play esf with the counter strike retail?

    hihi can i play esf with the counter strike retail? thx
  15. C

    makeing a Shortcut with Counter STrike retail

    Hey i got CS retail (i don't have HL) so how do i make a shortcut to my desktop with CS??? Thnx alot!!! BTW this would also help cuase i dunno how to in The specialist game either! ;/
  16. H

    CS retail

    with buying CS retail i have enslaved myself to be confused for all eternity so is it possible to play esf with CS retail
  17. M

    Cs - Us Retail & Esf B.1?

    So can somebody tell me in English or in German please how to install and run ESF with the Retail it doesnt seam to work. I have WIN XP installed and CS 1.5 Updated, i have no Installing errors, but when i start the game it says that "icons/voice???" failed, so i download this an a link on this...
  18. A

    does it work with cs retail?

    does this mod work with the cs retail?:cry:
  19. R

    ESF and CSTRIKE retail

    im using the retail version of cs and esf cant seem to open. is there any way to fix this?