1. Spunky


    I kinda need help reskinning a model. Never done it before, want to learn. I got Half-Life Model Viewer, PS CS3, blah blah blah. My problem is, when I export the textures out of the HLMV and open them in Photoshop for editing, I can't save it in the same format it exported in, so when I import...
  2. $sj Goku

    Battle Damage Without Reskinning

    ok im not sure if anyone noticed this but if you turn on 3D rocks in the options menu the rocks in game appear when you powerup and slowly fade away. Battle dmg could be the same.. simply make little lines and cuts for each character on there face..not clothes... and have them appear after...
  3. tekhsheen

    my new vegeta reskinning!!!!

    :devgrin: doesn't this seem cool??? :devgrin: plz like it!!!
  4. Suh Dude

    New skin edit

    please if u don't like then don't post and if u like it then post and should i release it?
  5. G

    WIP Red Saiyan Vegeta Reskin.

    Yes I was I did this,it's still a Wip working on face but just want it to show a little of waht im doing.. :p
  6. I

    Samarigoku (reviving a dead thread)

    Well, i had a thread got big...then died, so i'm gonna reving it I made a model replacement for goku, its called SamariGoku: *for a face closeup Credits go to: -the esf modeler for the goku model and face skin -Me for the hair and the body skin & sword skin -Whoever...
  7. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Dragon Ball GT Goku Version 2

    Vell heres the version 2 i hope that this is more like a gt goku... :talk:
  8. Skinnerfool

    Check It Out

    lol iwas practings so look
  9. G

    New Kid Buu

    This is my newest model kid buu This is my 3rd real model and only my first skin so if you have any tips or any thing tell me( do not mention the hands I was lazy and had to many polies already) You can see this at my website
  10. A

    i need ure help guys

    hey guys , i decided i wanna try my luck in modelling/skinning/reskinning so i wanted to ask u l33t modellers/skinners, gimme some good tutorials , i have read the stickey , and that tutorial for ms3d didnt help , so im just asking , be kind , gimme some tutorials , something basic...
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