1. D

    how to resize auras

    yo, could anyone tell me how to resize the auras in esf because i want to use that brolly model but the ssj form doesnt fit in the aura and i want it to. so could you give me an explanation (or direct me to one) on how to resize it? if theres a sticky i missed about resizing auras or...
  2. R

    Goku WIP

    I m making a wipp of goku , heres what i v done (did it in 8 h.) the head will be there soon , also i m fixing fingers <object id="MS3DViewerCtl" width="400" height="400" classid="CLSID:59131903-4A33-40D5-80C2-5242DD365AB3"...
  3. Vegeta

    Supreme kai (Nuttzy edit)

    well..I have been working on this edit of Nuttzy's Tapion for about a day now, its the supreme kai / Kio-shin from Majin Buu saga. It was a request by SailorAlea, so I thought I'd help her out. Credits to Nuttzy for his fantastic Tapion model. I need some critz plz I am stuck on the...
  4. W

    plz plz plz help me

    is some1 have a model of this gohan??? (pl dont tell me reqwest theard..) or this: i realy have to get this model...
  5. B

    How do i resize models?

    I found a brolly model i just need to know how to resize it because its way to big if you can give me quick instrunction that would be nice. Thanks, Black05
  6. B

    How do I resize my screen?

    I know this sounds stupid to all the veterans n everything, but how do I resize my screen? I hit the "-" key by accident and it shrunk my screen. how do I get it back to normal? also, what's the syntax that I type into the console in order to switch to a character not listed, but I downloaded?
  7. Mr.Bugskin

    FirstTime With Bryce

    Well guys this is my first time using bryce and heres mine what i made Click on my profle and go to my site and see the wonders!
  8. G

    Finished my map esf_pyramid

    just get it there or if you are very lazy look and download...
  9. SSJ4_Cell

    My Small and Quick Video .GIF

    Click here. Cool, eh? Crits please.
  10. SSj_Gotenks95

    Johnny Model

    I think we should make a model of Johnny from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. That would be really cool anybody willing to make it I will help as much as possiible.
  11. D

    editing sprites HELP!!!!!!

    I need some help:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: I would like to know if there is a way to edit the sprite files in efs and if there is a program required let me know wut it is and where to download it please, if anyone can help me with this i would be very thanxful.:D
  12. A

    Alpha and Beta

    is it ok i u download a esf alpha model and put it in beta
  13. B

    I Need Help!

    How can you Resize the model 4 timeS smaller?
  14. C

    Resizing existing skeleton

    Resizing existing skeleton[Update] Does anyone have the address of a good tutorial for skeletons, mainly with info on resizing an existing one. Preferably useing 3DSmax but milkshop works too. Unless any of you can explain it here for me please. EDIT - I figured out how to resize the...
  15. fatmanterror

    Question for Darktooth

    hey since ur the animator here can u tell me how to resize models usin milkshape? i know how to make a new skeleton but i think i would have to make all new animations for it wouldnt i?
  16. R

    Mapper needed?

    Hi people, I wanted to ask if u could use a few good maps. I'm an experienced mapper so I'm no n00b... Maybe I can send a few example map if you would like....... Does anybody have a few good ideas for maps that aren't created yet? 1 more thing: I'm not sure if this is the right topic 4...