1. Mr.Lukyas

    Reputation sys

    I ain't sure should this go to off topic I saw some vBulletin forums have reputation system. Why don't U put it here? And did U think about placing shoutbox in this forum?
  2. G

    Nintendo's Reputation?!?

    Well recently i have been chatting around on other boards and notice i cant seem to bring up almost anything about nintendo anymore without everyone saying bad comments about it. Ive know they mad some bad descions but there not that bad. Anyway i kinda wanted to step away from all the negative...
  3. VivaLaPineapple

    reputation thing

    is there anyway to know who gives you the rep points caue if im ganna be continuously called an idiot and other types of crap, id atleast like to know the jackass who is to pussy to pm me and tell me.
  4. Vagabond

    Someone damaged my Reputation

    Yesterday i was going in to my user control point to get the adress where my sisg is, When i noticed that two people have damaged my Reputation for no reason i have not fought in the fight club. the first part of my reputation was lost on this thread and did not leave a comment...
  5. D.C. Darkling

    ok. time to trash my reputation and...

    ask somethign bout milkshape. how the hell do we use reference pics? cause I need to use pics besides milkshape. i can't use a pic, overlay the model and match. now I know how to insert a pic. make it the background ok.. but point is its like way to big. Since I have insane trouble finding my...
  6. X


    I haven't been online in a long time, as most of you know, I was check my User CP and it said "Latest Reputation Received". I got 2. But how does it work? I think VB sent me one after I said I missed her and whatnot... is this new to the forums cause I never noticed it before? (Also when I...
  7. SailorAlea

    Ultimate 'Reputation' Thread

    Hi, everyone. I just thought some people were confused about this feature that is so neglected of the forum. Ever looked below each person's name and seen a green Bar? Well, that's someone's "Reputation Bar." On the bottom right of every person's post, next to 'Edit' and 'Reply,' is a small...
  8. Jonesdaniel

    Latest Reputation Received

    What does the Latest Reputation Received thingy mean in my user cp?
  9. S

    What does reputation mean in members list.

    What are those green dots for.Under Reputation.
  10. X-iT_W0uN|)


    Does anyone know what the reputation thing in the members list is for ?
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