1. Mkilbride

    George removing the original Trilogy of Star Wars from canon. Woooow, seems way to crazy to be true.
  2. Voxfire

    Removing a password

    nvm found it :)
  3. Skyrider

    Problems removing a partition through Vista.

    I'm having an issue removing my old XP Partition as Vista still seems to be using it for some odd reasons. When I try to format/remove it, I am getting the errors: "Windows Cannot Format the system partition on this disk" "Windows cannot delete the active system partition on this disk" Now, of...
  4. M

    Completely Removing GameGuard

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to completely remove GameGuard? I just uninstalled a game that required for it to be installed, but I read at a number of sites that GameGuard doesn't completely uninstall, and leaves a number of files on my computer.
  5. webber

    Removing weapons

    Is restricting weapons like in CS 1.6 possible in ESF?
  6. KidMan

    Removing Powerup!?!

    This thread got me thinking about the power up. Link: Why does ESF have powering up anyways? Grega pointed out that in DBZ, when any of the characters were powering up, that they did that to release all of their power and then it slowly...
  7. Ravendust

    Removing EVM Servers

    Is there a way that the ESF code can be altered so EVM games will never show up in the server window unless you have EVM installed? It would stop all these countless threads asking where to get potarra.mdl and such. Like a server filter that you can't change or disable, that removes all EVM...
  8. Deman

    Removing Search Engines from Firefox

    Alrighty, so firefox has that nifty little search bar right next to the address bar that pwns in general. However, I'm a bit annoyed with the fact that it's got so many engines included on it that I will never use, like the eBay or one, so anybody got an idea on how to remove the...
  9. Shao

    Removing Background Music From Sounds

    I have both Cool Edit Pro and Sound Forge 6.0. I just listened to the ESF default sounds again and I realize how clear the sounds are and, more importantly, how there are no outside noises such as music in the background of the noises. How did the ESF team manage to remove the music and such...
  10. CM

    Burning Attack Fix

    Burning Ball Attack: Download Instructions: Extract the files into your: C:\Sierra\Counter-Strike\esf\sprites or C:\Sierra\Half-Life\esf\sprites
  11. M

    New Model , How to use it?

    I had just downloaded a new model and the site said that there was suppose to be a README.TXT file in the DLed ZIP file Well , there was not! none so please guide me and tell me where exactly each and every filetype should I put? I really dont want to take an unsure risk cause the last...
  12. [SAS]Orion

    Orion made a wp? no way!

    I did indeedy, its been soooooo long since I even tried to make one o.O I went with a basic style again, but i'm pleased with the results. Filesize approx 190kb. What do you people think? What should I change?
  13. U

    Need Help With Hair

    Well im reskinning (and adjusting the model a little bit) a Bebi Vegeta (not transformed) it was a redsaiyan that i downloaded first before i started reskinning, but my problem is that the hair of that redsaiyan isnt even close to the hair that the bebi vegeta should have but i saw some Vegeta...
  14. Z

    Matrix Tut.

    *edited for ripping copyrighted content
  15. VivaLaPineapple

    i need a critque

    well my first 3ds max/photoshop sig what u think? any suggestions for future? fonts/ 3d design/character ect..
  16. VivaLaPineapple

    my 1337 drawing skillz

    its not dbz but its my original character here it is
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