1. M

    It's a joke, lol, never releasing.

    This game is never releasing, it's a scam / bad joke. --- edit --- Stick around for another 9 years of 'don't worry it's almost done' if you want, lol.
  2. Mkilbride

    Black yes, releasing.
  3. Mkilbride

    Guild Wars 2 *OPEN* Beta coming in March, releasing this year!
  4. F

    Releasing ESF:F progress to facepunch forums?

    Hey, I was thinking maybe we schould make a thread on the facepunch forums, they got a section for valve games and mods. Home > Forum > Games > Valve Games and Mods I think this would a great way to get alot more players and so on :)
  5. H

    Releasing 1.3 update over steam? or..

    Do you just release an update for the current client via steam, or will you release a completely new installer via the website...? Has it changed that much that it's practically a re-write? thus, no update can be made?
  6. Enix

    Krillin [releasing soon]

    I started this model Sunday night I believe, and its getting there, just have some polys to cut and then I will start the always fun skinning process.....The model is at 1824 tris, which is 24 tris over my limit, wont be hard to cut those... Credits go to Darksun for the drawn kuririn...
  7. Enix

    Rayman [Releasing for TS]

    I wanted to do something over the weekend and get it ingame, so I thought...why not do rayman? The skin is nearly done and I will get ingame in the morning. I don't know the character very well, so tell me if I am missing something.
  8. M

    (very small edit...) GOKU EDIT RELEASING after premissionsk...

    (am bored, know modeling+skinning for a few weeks less then a month gonna go on an editing spree... expect a Frieza Form 3 model edit soon) help me give the credits... I dont remmeber whom to give to... lol (thnk God for!) BTW - (to sensitive persons please dont read...
  9. M

    Krillin EVM Model Reskin pack (Releasing!)

    -==Krillien 4 different model pack reskin!==- for ESF Evolution Mods anywhere! just extract to the ESF folder includes (+creditz) : Namek Saga Krillin(Dark!!!) Normal Krillin(ESF TEAM) Mystic Krillin(ESF TEAM+Darksun+Miki800(thats me!) for reskining) Ultimate Krillin(ESF TEAM+Darksun...
  10. D

    When are you releasing V 1.2?

    it looks awesome and also i was wondering if you are ever going to switch to cell-shaded graphics or keep these
  11. TAz00

    Releasing - TMS_RatsZ

    Ok its been a while, and im now near completion of the createst map of all times. <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=blue, strength=#+3)>TMS_RatsZ</TABLE> Here is the txt file Ill be testing this with all of u, to recieve feedback and possible errors, then after that a final version will be...
  12. D

    Darksun UP Kuririn Done (not releasing soon)

    THIS IS NOT BEING RELEASED FOR ESF UNTILL ZEQ2 IS DONE. Sorry, but I will be donating my models to Zeq2 before they are released to the public for other use. This goes for Goku and probably all my future DBZ models. So for now I guess just enjoy these renders: Sorry about the watermark...
  13. TAz00

    Releasing TMS_RATSX

    *UPDATED FILE* plz redownload Ok any of u guys remember Nc_Rats? ITS BACK, Me and Mr. Satan have been working on this the last month or so. It is a VERY improved Nc_Rats. It has almost everything that ESF supports, The canons from Nc_Mario, Bombs, teleports, traps, and secret rooms. This...
  14. Bryggz

    Back on the modeling scene, with a lil sumpin' sumpin'- wip's a chest....but i made it entirely poly by poly, i'm working on the arms, this character will be completely original, and I'm releasing it to more than just the esf community, I'll also be skinning it, when i'm ready, anyways, Crits? I'll update this thread with new pics whenever...
  15. W

    plz plz plz help me

    is some1 have a model of this gohan??? (pl dont tell me reqwest theard..) or this: i realy have to get this model...
  16. Ã

    ssj4Bebi vegta

    yo all i edited this new model and i came up with ssj4Bebi vegta i would have the pic 4 u ppl today but it be like at 4 or 5p.m(FL time) by there it look cool u see :D :D
  17. U

    Fusion bebi

    well this the evil fusion of all time :devgrin: [IMG] *Pic Removed* -grOOvy * Link pwned by Magus for not getting permission*
  18. Damaera

    Vegeta Edit

    I made a new edit. I think It's chibi and brown or pink hair (Color is screwed up sorry)Credit to Turk for the regular Vegeta model, I'm not releasing it to ANYONE untill I get permission.....
  19. Hawki_ice


    Hawki's Gohan EDits~Armour GOhans Ok i did two gohan edits! NORMAL GOHAN IN ARMOUR! MARI GOHAN IN ARMOUR! Ok my next 2 edits r a NON battle damaged normal gohan in goku clothes And a non Battle damaged MARI Gohan with two arms! Two download them go here! *Empty Hole...
  20. V

    Model / Skin editors

    K i have decided that i want to try and make a kid goku pack a a chalange for myself. Since i think no one has tryed it. But i need a good model editing software. Can anyone help me it would be most apreciated. :D