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    Rei Wallpaper

    pretty basic, but i think it works, what do u lot think? no poll, i want crists from ppl, not just @its good@ or @crap@ plz ^_^
  2. .FM.


    new rei siggy what you think????................or was piccolo better?
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    Show off stuff that you did.

    Yeah, It's 9:22 am here in FL and I'm gonna be drawing today. If anyone has a request I'll take a few. I'll post the pics here when i have something worth to show. 12:38 pm I jound some of my old pics and only found 1 or 2 good ones... Lately I haven't been doing much anime, more natural...
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    Rei's Eyes

    Alright, Time for a new Wallpaper :) This time I did something new.. Its an Eva wallpaper. You can check it out at This Wallpaper was made In Photoshop and 3d Studio Max. I think ti trned out pretty nicely.. Feedback allowed.
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    Help on two things

    Alright, I need help from you guys. First, whenever I play ESF, my camera in 3rd person view is always to the side, and I cannot see anything unless I put it in first person. (Which isn't much fun) The second one, I need a Sig! Please help me whomever does this, I only know of one of you...
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    Very important thing concerning milkshape!

    If my comp got a virus when I had the registered version of Milkshape, and then I got it recovered and then installed Milkshape again would I be able to use the same register code I had used before because if not that would be a waste of 20 dollars!! I don't have milkshape yet, but because this...