1. VivaLaPineapple

    since i finally reinstalled 3dsmax

    ive been doing a couple renders. what ya think i havent figured out what kind of hair style iw ant him to have.
  2. B


    this is a lil selfportreit made in ps7 with airbrush-tool this is me irl (note, this isnt the refpic) i never really worked with airbrush before (used to do it with paintbrush and smudge - or highlight/dodge stuff anyway, what ya think?
  3. MinesSkylineR34

    i need new photoshop brushes??

    just reinstalled photoshop and lost all my own brushes :( i used google but not much stuff i'm looking for anyone have any good sites for brushes?
  4. H

    hullfile ! ! ! (°.°)

    Sry falls das in einem anderen thread schon beantwortet wurde aber ich hab den ganzen morgen schon gesucht und nichts gefunden ! Ich weiss es wurde in vielen threads beantwortet wie man die hullfile mit HLCC benutzt aber ich kann HLCC nirgends mehr finden und benutze deshalb TBCC das is fast...
  5. CM

    Milkshape help

    i entered the name and serial after expiration, but the thing still says u cant save. When i open it, it says u have registered but u have to run ms3d for at least 2 mins to have the registeration completed, i run it for 2 HOURS and it still wont let me save
  6. D

    need sum help

    i cant find the hlcsg.exe and the other ones... i have tried searc for em...
  7. S

    3dsm 5 problem

    ok i'm very confused, i got 3dsm, and i registered it and all that, but after clicking on the icon it just initializes and loads plugins and closes, i've tried everything i can think of i'm running on windows 98, 733mhz pentium 3 if anyone has a slight idea as to what the problem may be...
  8. E

    EagleKing´s work

    so..I am gonna post all my work in this topic.Here some old stuff I have posted on RS some weeks ago in two posts (each posts a category) Abstract things(kinda wallpapers):
  9. G

    can some one help me plz?

    can some one plz send me the two spirit bomb sprites because i forgot to back them up. :cry: so if some one can send them to me ill be very greatfull.
  10. S

    Krillin sounds

    Hey can someone help me i need the original Krillin sounds here my hotmail plz send them to me [email protected] thax allready
  11. Death The Jedi


    Can someone e-mail me the original krillin models? I lost mine... [email protected]
  12. X

    ESF Freezes when I try to RUN it ;(

    When I hit Go! on the Expert Run menu It goes into ESF and gets to Building Server then it says it is loading the SKY textures and it freezes there, but it also say that it cannont find the commandmenu.txt. If anyone knows what I did wrong plz respond :D or PM me if it is easier.
  13. MaX

    esf_buu screens

    i had to reinstall me puter so i lost the buu map.. but im into modeling and animations so pay atttention there. looks for thread in models/skins called. 1stanimations on my 1st model. :D screen are deleted.. Sooooorrryyyyyy......
  14. M

    Where can i get the original models?

    I, being the idiot i am, decided not to save the original model. Is there any way (besides reinstalling) to get it?? Thank you.
  15. M

    ssj goku

    who can sendt me the origenel ssj goku skin cuz i lost it my e-mail adres is [email protected] (sorry for my bad english)
  16. M

    new winterish sig

    -----> What do ya think?
  17. .FM.

    rei walpaper

    i found this pretty rei walpaper so ima gonna share it with yall :]
  18. E

    More Drawings

    Hello all, well I finally got a few more drawings done and I figured I'd let you guys see. And please remember that I'm at the mercy of the available scanners here on campus. If I find a better way to scan these I will scan them over and show you how good they actually look. But for now...
  19. E

    Flame World

    Rei Paper - Flame World O_O Let em rip, Im here to stay.
  20. VivaLaPineapple

    rei wp madness!!

    sinc people r making these whap what u think