1. R

    Cant find any servers on regular esf 1.2.3

    I canf find any servers at all on the game. I hit on refresh and it just keeps on refreshing and it never finds any servers. Any help?
  2. H

    Regular melee question

    Ok there is something that has always been bugging me from time to time. How is melee hit determined when two people are dashing at each other using simple melee? What factor determines the winner and the loser. I know power hit is when both opponents hit each other but there are times when im...
  3. K

    Replaceing Regular models with new ones

    Hey guys im kinda new to esf and i was wondering how to replace regular models with new models from the net onto the steam version of ESF.Any help will be appreciated:)
  4. J

    Steam, or regular?

    Just wondering what everyone recommends to play by. I'm in the middle of reinstalling CS, Steam, and ESF simply because of the slight confusion while trying to get ESF to work with Steam (Course, it's 5 a.m., may explain something).
  5. K

    small regular ki blast

    you ought to be able to throw the tiny little yellow ki balls faster as you gain PL. The higher it is the more you can throw in a given time. It would be great to go SSJ and suddenly be able to throw them hella fast.
  6. Naz

    No Regular [Indy!]

    Hi there this has been a while for me I havent even touched photoshop for atleast 2 months, (vacation, school, working etc). And when opening photoshop, it all felt new for me again. I got back at it a bit, but it isn't as smooth as it used to be. Either way, here my new baby I call no...
  7. U

    does anyone has this model

    please does anyone have this model not with his body like this
  8. Tassadar

    Majin Trunks

    My 3rd edit, it little more complicated than the others. A little more than a recolor, I drew the M on his forehead obviously, recolored his sword and sheathe. Also took off the patch that said capsule corp and replaced it with an M. Heres a pic. This guy actually took me about an hour and a...
  9. S

    finally bojack gohan done

    heres my final bojack gohan. i need a host for the models. credits to smo, sbolt,-SSJ Gohan Model: SS Vegeta Skin: Mastasurf and me fro edit. i need to get permission before its released
  10. Damaera

    Vegeta Edit

    I made a new edit. I think It's chibi and brown or pink hair (Color is screwed up sorry)Credit to Turk for the regular Vegeta model, I'm not releasing it to ANYONE untill I get permission.....
  11. Halorin

    A Trunks Model Question

    Is there any way I could use a Trunks model that doesn't have his sword and have him use the animations of him without the sword and just regular melee? I don't care if people mysteriously gib for no reason, but I really miss the Armor Trunks models.
  12. VivaLaPineapple

    more flash drawings

    more flash drawings
  13. HitmanXtreme

    I've got a Problem

    Everytime when I start I'm stucking in the ground and I must beam myself out before I can play.
  14. F

    Super Vegeta model complete.

    Yep, it's done. I just need someone to host it for me. pm me if you want the job! Original Vegeta Model by ESF team, Edits done by me.
  15. S

    can some1 post on here the regular gohan the 1 that came with esf beta 1

    and could some1 post on here the original sound trans for gohan plz ty:D :talk: :) ;)
  16. Kman3252

    Gohan In Piccolo outfit Reskin WIP

    This is my first reskin. The ears are big because i cant model so i cant edit them.Tell me what you think and what i should change. Well heres a pic. sorry had to take off pic
  17. S

    the size DOES matter...

    nice title eh? :) i was wondering...the CS model is way bigger than the ESF model. so how do i turn my future-to-be model the right size? (im using the gsg9 skeleton)
  18. S

    Majin Vegeta Reskin

    To download click this link: MVegeta I only have Ssj Version for now I'll upload Regular form in a bit.. Enjoy,
  19. J


    Where the jesus to I get this script. The regular site is down....
  20. G

    I Have A Gohn Model

    heres a pic post ure email if u want it its a skin editfrom a dmz one but its editied to work with esf