1. M

    Redsaiyan Rebirth

    Hey all im mystic (redsaiyan owner) i here to bring it bak 1 last time!! Redsaiyan is here to stay, but not without ur help, im looking for a team maybe 2-3 more people Current Team Owner - Mystic Uploader - Plakman So email me with what you would like to...
  2. F

    Redsaiyan link problem

    I was downloading ESF Open Beta build #2 using the Redsaiyan link. I've downloaded 78% of the game and now my computer says that there's a problem with the link. Does anyone know what the problem could be?
  3. C

    RedSaiyan is back in business!

    for those of you who may not already know, Redsaiyan back in the day used to be THE best source of files for any dragonballz Mod around. Redsaiyan died, and it was taken over and will be indeed making a comeback, please sign up for the forums and help us on our quest to be BETTER than before...
  4. P


    anyone know that website iam talking about redsaiyan something dot something had the evm download its been a while but i got back in the mood i bought bt brought it back and got b3 because i think esf it like bt fighting wise anyway.
  5. E

    Old RedSaiyan Sonic 1.0/1.1 model

    Does anybody have Sonic model which was on first RedSaiyan? I wanted to make a Sonic&company ( Shadow FTW ) plugin for ESF, but I couldn't find Sonic model I wanted to edit to make Super Sonic, Shadow, Super Shadow & other off him. So I'm asking - does anybody of you guys have it or no ...
  6. Suh Dude

    Do not go directly to RedSaiyan forums!

    Please do not go directly to Redsaiyan forums. It has some nasty stuff in all the post's and all the names have changed into something racist, but exept mine, Inakuro. Kurt has hacked, and yet I'm blame for the hacking. Unless you like nasty stuff, then go. I have a full convo of...
  7. mac1029

    evm redsaiyan model pack. I NEED HELP!

    ok, ive got it downloaded so what do i do now?
  8. M

    What hapened with redsaiyan?

    Hey guys.. I just want to let you guys know that redsaiyan isn`t dead!!! we where screwed by our host... it has deleted the redsaiyan site or something like it without mailing me!! the damm bastards.. but well.. here is a quote of what i wrote on the redsaiyan site ( YES.. we stay closed this...
  9. M

    Redsaiyan EVM 2.0 Model Pack alpha

    Well.. as i said before.. i`m working on a modelpack for evm 2.0 and it must be a good modelpack. so here is the picture. IT`S BIG!!! (500+ KB) and i don`t have it finished yet so that`s why i call it Alpha. HERE IS THE MODELPACK PICURE... IT`S VERRY BIG!!! Now there are a few things that...
  10. M

    Redsaiyan Image Hosting

    Hello all. a while ago i had the ide to put a image uploader on my site for all the modelers, mappers, spriters and the other esf stuff but i didn`t found the right programs so i just did nothing. But today i finally found a verry good image script with alot of options but that is not for you...
  11. M

    REDSAIYAN is open now

    Hello all. I just wanted to tell you guys that i finished with coding the REDSAIYAN main site and it`s open for the public now :) For the forum. that one isn`t finished yet.. i`m still looking for a good skin. For GREG: don`t close this thread or make it unaccessable (don`t know if it`s...
  12. tekhsheen

    What happened to the REDSAIYAN???

  13. Denominator

    RedSaiyan Face trend

    why must people copy Spin's original red haired DBZ character face avatar/logo? His was awesome, it still is better than all of yours. the only other good one is Ultra Perfect Cell's, the other heads are just badly done. But yeah, try make up your own style. im sorry i put this here.. but...
  14. S

    is there a site something like redsaiyan?

    ok now i wanan get some new maps and models for esf but redsaiyan is down forever :'( so what do i do? does anyone know of a site thats very simalar to red saiyan? cause i was waiting for it to someback like forever :-P so plz reply with a site that has ALOT of models and maps like red saiyan...
  15. M

    a new site like REDSAIYAN

    Hi hello everyone. Today i alreaddy started a toppic with the redsaiyan name in it.. But the owner of RS really dont want to restart RS or let me restart RS so thats why i started thiss toppic.. I want to start a website like redsaiyan and i was thinking about or...


    why isn't redsaiyan online? sexyasian said it's gonna be back online at the 15 sept?
  17. S

    is Redsaiyan goneforever??

    i would like to know if will be back? cause i realy need to get some sprites and models? do yallknow of any site that has that expt redaiyan..and i think that gohans hidden power mod for h/l is almost better than esf..and so is ultimate sayan dbz mod for h/l ...anyway..will there...
  18. M

    Does any1 knows where REDSAIYAN went?

    The gr8 ESF and more downloading site - or whatever it is... is offline for a long time is any1 knows what happend to it please respand BTW(ingviesTIONalitytion) - maybe the link in is broken. if so then respand with a new working link please...
  19. B


    SPiN is RedSaiyan ever coming back? If not let me know, I have some plans, but if it is screw my plans =P Please dont close this until I get a reply from SPiN, thx :D
  20. G

    What happened to RedSaiyan?

    What happened to Red Saiyan? Why is it offline?