1. Vegito1180

    New Sig

    What Do u Think Of My New Sig?
  2. IceFire2050

    MY first sig. Tell me what u think

    <p align="left"><a href=""><img border="1" src=""></a></p>
  3. IceFire2050

    Using Skin and other people can see them?

    I was playing a game on the snakeway map from the red saiyan website and this one guy was Gohan and he changed his skin to Gordon from Half-Life. His guy was spazing out like my sprites do if they arnt desinged for that mod but still.....HOW DID HE DO IT?!?!
  4. G

    aura change

    how do i have to chance the color of gohans aura
  5. Demi-Shadow

    w00t! new sig, crits please

    ok, down there, this is my 4th sig (MY second, i've made 2 for 2 other people) thanks people :)
  6. F

    will anyone.......

    will someone start making model/skins of ssj3 or ssj4 of goku and vegeta? don`t ask me i don`t know how? i do wanna play with a ssj3 goku!! or the same with vegeta
  7. freeportpretz22

    A Veggetto?

    OK, I went to get the Red Sayian, and the file of Veggetto was corrupt :S So does anyone know who has a Veggetto or where I can get one? Thanks, peace out. War Hamster
  8. S

    DakD please read

    i have downloaded your ssj3 goku but when i put it in to the game and i transform with goku he became huge like a giant how can i fix this ?:S
  9. Ranma

    Pictures of Dragonball Goku?

    Well,i just finished a pic of SSJ3 Goku, if my scanner works i can get it up to show you all hopefully. While i try to do that i had a question. Could anyone give me a link to a site with pictures of the Goku from dragonball? (I mean the Goku from the begginning - Red Ribbon Saga, and not the...
  10. Lt.Zack

    Imperfict Cell's Red Blast....

    what is that attack the Imperfict Cell used to destory all the islands when he was looking for 18...? and that would be a good attack for him as well
  11. Escobar

    Wogasm Sig Thread

    This is gonna be my sig thread where ill post up some of my s*** that ive come up wif Well this is something i just wiped up so tell us wot u think...
  12. S

    ** Conversion Rel**

    ok, this is a conversion for gohan. It is azn dragon's excellente battle damaged teen gohan model. and my friend lil gohan made the SS model actually have yellow hair so he actually transforms. I included sounds (I got the kamehameha from lil gohan as well and the trans and sheildha are...
  13. suicidal_maniac

    My New Sig!!!

    I made another sig. I still have to find a good text but i really like the BG.
  14. Vegeta's Briefs

    Kid Trunks

    Does this image work? Nevermind. Will there be a kid Trunks coming too? See, my fav characters aren't even in here. Goten, Trunks, #18, Videl, Mr. Hercule/Satan (whichever it is)...Is anyone making these guys? And, where do you find the thingy to make models with anyway? I can't find it...
  15. G

    some wallpaper

    nothing special tryed to make a some sort of fire wall where deatscythe is flying through need some comments sorry if its just a plain and simpel wall