1. The Deco

    How would you react if

    I got a social question, How would you guys react if you were friends with someone for like, 1 and a half years. You talk about everything you care about - love relationships, politics, philosphy, religion, music, and suddenly, someday he will tell you that he disconnected all of his previous...
  2. X

    Melty Blood Re-ACT: Final Tuned

    I just downloa... I mean "baught" this game... Its a pretty good 2D Fighter for the PC. Re-ACT is actually an expansion for Melty Blood. The game has Hi-Res backgrounds (really pretty looking ones too, plus its also got cool Background Music - special effects are all high quality too)...
  3. Wangster

    first attempt at coloring and shading!

    hi, i made a lil drawing, and i saw some work collord on this board, so i thought, what the hell, lets give it a shot, so here it is my magnificent *cough* and proffesional * double cough* i call the guy, the evil proffesor since i made him that lil glas on his eye... hey why you looking at me...
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