Melty Blood Re-ACT: Final Tuned

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Nov 10, 2002
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I just downloa... I mean "baught" this game...

Its a pretty good 2D Fighter for the PC. Re-ACT is actually an expansion for Melty Blood.

Revolve Translations said:
Melty Blood is the awesome sequel to the extremely popular Tsukihime (Moon Princess). Unlike Tsukihime, which was a digital novel with hentai scenes and a kickass story line, Melty Blood is a 2D PC fighting game with an awesome engine and a kickass storyline. (no hentai, sorry pervs) Looking at pics cannot explain how great this game looks in action. Fluid animations combined with what are debatably the best voice overs for any fighting game, create one of the most memorable gaming experiences I've ever had.

Currently in Japan, Tsukihime has spawned a TV anime series. There are also several other games in the series, including the Tsukihime PLUS-DISC, Kagetsu Toyha, Kara no Kyoukai, and the newly released Melty Blood ReACT!
The game has Hi-Res backgrounds (really pretty looking ones too, plus its also got cool Background Music - special effects are all high quality too). The game plays much like Guilty Gear except theres no Double/Triple Air dash for certain characters, and the air dash's dont take you very far.

That doesn't mean the game is a slower paced Guilty Gear though as it has 'long jump' and you can also end combos in grabs/air garbs which is pretty sweet.

The character sprites aren't hi-res (the edges are pixelated, but not as bad as the previous King of Fighters games :p), the animations are as smooth as the ones in Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, which makes up for the quality of the character sprites, and also its not so bad once you get used to seeing them.

The game is in Japanese only so if you ever plan on getting it you'll have a hard time reading the menu's or the dialogue in Story/Arcade Mode. The game has a pretty long Story Mode with a bunch of ending possibilities.

There is an English patch on the web made by a group called "Revolve Translations". They have managed to change all of the menu's to English for Melty Blood. Im not sure if theres an English Menu patch for Melty Blood Re-ACT, but considering Re-ACT is just an expansion to Melty Blood there aren't many new options, just a few new ones.

I can easily tell you what each option does, myself since i've already figured it all out. a Gamepad/Joystick is required (you can play with Keyboard but you wont be able to play the game well since keyboards do not support simultaneous pressing of multiple keys).

Currently, the latest Melty Blood, is Melty Blood: Act Cadenza, but its only in Japanese Arcades. A console port is rumored but theres nothing yet.

Here are match videos of Melty Blood Act Cadenza (Re-ACT doesn't look so diffrent, except Act Cadenza has higher quality character sprites):

Shiki vs Akiha

Kouma Kishima vs Red Arcueid

Here is a screenshot of the game (too lazy to find more):
(^ Link to Copy & Paste incase the site doesn't allow hotlinking)

Also if you notice, on that stage in the screenshot above. The grass beneath the characters feet is transparent, kinda making it realistic to the tall grass in that stage. Thats actually my favorite stage (I like it during the day though).

Also, some backgrounds features special moving animations in the background like fog and whatnot, in the stage on the screenshot above, you notice a breeze flowing through the grass field every few seconds.

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