1. Optimus Prime

    Counter-Strike... kills TV Ratings?!

    Saw this on PHL, most rediculous article ever.... http://abcnews.go.com/sections/Business/SiliconInsider/SiliconInsider.html He doesn't blame Counter-Strike individually, but more so the 'Online Gaming Scene' as a whole. I guess he waives the fact that everything on TV these days is garbage...
  2. Demi-Shadow

    New sig, Ratings please.

    out of 10 for the sig under this post please. :D
  3. G

    Great model ratings!

    This thread is to judge your models. In this thread you can judge their model all you want. This is not a thread to not hurt feelings. So honestly judge their work, to the smallest detail. Post your models here to see how people honestly think of your work.