1. P

    Vegeta model (advice and rank plz)

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum but not new to ESF game :D It's one of the best games as I am big fan of Dbz;) About 2 years ago I've done some modelling but then I stopped and now I picked it up again. I had an idea to create kinda DBZ short movie and my first model was Vegeta. I think it's...
  2. Ryuuzaki

    ESF Rank System

    Hello there. I'm ssj3Gaby or L ( From NNK Forums ) . I'm here to ask you , where can i find the ESF Rank plugin ... Can some1 Help ?
  3. LionHeart

    rank plugin

    I need a rank plugin for a server, i saw one but it was bugged so...anyone got a link to a good plugin?
  4. Skyrider

    ESF Rank Plugin added on lots of servers

    I've added the Super Stats & Rank Plugin on multiple servers, these are the servers: Once in game, simple use these commands: /stats <-- stats yourself with score, position, and powerlevel gaining in MIN /top10 <-- shows top 10 points, kills and deaths /topki <-- shows a top rank list...
  5. Skyrider

    Super Stats and Rank ESF Plugin

    ShAyA has created a Super Stats and Rank ESF Plugin. Which i've been waiting for ages!, for those who want it, check it out. Its on the AMXX forums. Super Stats & Rank Plugin This plugin will be added on HL2files, ESF-W, S2k, and more :P
  6. V

    a bigger rank

    dudes how can i "surpas" the rank of registerd user?
  7. T

    Rank My Sig!

    Hello all, Im new to making sigs and this is maybe my 3rd or 4th sig ive created. So please rank my sig from 1-lowest and 10-highest, also please tell me what i might have done wrong etc. Thanks.
  8. Z


    Where can i find my rank like forexample. 1. VT 2. Trunks 3. [ZeuZ]USGogetta ............ 100. [ZeuZ]TT6 does anybody know that?
  9. thor

    Spin i think the red sayain looks cool i love it

    can you make me a desktop wallpaper 800 by 600 just like the banner on the top of your webpage just bigger. and with out the grey border of cause. (i can click on any of the section on your site)
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    my 1337 drawing skillz

    its not dbz but its my original character here it is
  11. D

    Hey All Sig Makers

    post your best sig here so i make a poll with examples... thanx
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