Super Stats and Rank ESF Plugin

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Nov 30, 2002
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ShAyA has created a Super Stats and Rank ESF Plugin. Which i've been waiting for ages!, for those who want it, check it out. Its on the AMXX forums.

Super Stats & Rank Plugin

* Records for players:
* a) Kills (total kills).
* b) Deaths.
* c) Points
* d) Highest Power Level achieved.
* e) Rank in server by points.
* f) Time it took to get highest power level.

* Ranks:
* a) How many points achieved (see below).
* b) Highest Power Levels.

* Point List is as Follows:
* Note: This is for killing someone with these attacks.

* Points Given Attacks
+5 * Melee, Sword Melee, Telekensis.
+4 * Destructo Disk.
+3 * Burning Attack, Scatter Shot, *ColourAttack, Ki Blast
Frieza Disk.

+2 * Candy Attack, Eye/Finger Laser, Shield Attack,
Masenko/PowerBeam, Ki Blob, Kame Torpedo.

+1 * Big Bang, Death Ball, Final Flash, Finishing Buster
Gallit Gun, Kamehameha, Mouth Blast, Scatter Beam
Special Beam Cannon, Spirit Bomb.

-Num * Death by others (-2), Suicides (-5).
This plugin will be added on HL2files, ESF-W, S2k, and more :p
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Apr 14, 2005
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Tight, this could be interesting. :p


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