1. DJ-Ready

    comp just freezes up randomly

    long story short, I put together a "new" comp with old components. The board + cpu comes from a friend and was working perfectly fine. The ram, hdd and graphics card comes from an old computer of mine which was running (no problems there) until I put together the "new" one .. I installed...
  2. N

    ESF 1.2 randomly freezing?

    While playing, the game seems to randomly freeze, sometimes the hosts computer sometimes my own. Just wondering if anyone else seems to be having the same problem at all? and if they are, have you managed to fix/find out why its crashing? thanks in advanced. Ninja.
  3. I

    Game completly closes randomly

    When I play esf my game will usually just close randomly..most of the time when I'm almost super sayain with Goku. My friend has the same exact problem as me. Anyone know how to fix this?
  4. Jonesdaniel

    Why does my pc randomly crash?

    We'll, i could just be on desktop or maybe on a game and the pc will just restart itself. This is becoming extremely annoying. Is there a setting i may have to turn off or something? Any help at all, or a reason why its doing this will be very helpful :smile:
  5. Sonic the Vampire

    Randomly homing attacks, huh?

    So I was kicking it in a random room called ESF Beta 1.1 or something in a few minutes ago and I noticed a rather strange completely random encounter... one of my kame torpedos took off at a 90 degree angle from which I fired it off and homed in on a near by enemy who was in the middle of a...