1. Z

    How do I raise powerlevel in 1.3?

    I know this is a stupid question but how do I raise my Powerlevel in the beta, I really wanna see the transformations, but the bots crash the game, and thats the only way I know how to raise it. Sorry if this doesn't belong here.:(
  2. D

    How one can raise his power level by console

    I wanted to ask whether be one by console powerlevel can raise, or goes only with Dragonballs.
  3. Jariroth

    Raise your head! Wabisuke!

    Well after kind of finishing the Tensa Zangetsu model. (I was unable to UV map it properly.... :cry: ) Well i then changed on to Wabisuke. One sword with a terrifying ability. It was so simple to model (mostly because guard is just a block). Well here you go: C&C please Edit oops forgot to...
  4. nvrslep303

    How do you raise your PL? with command

    ^^^^ topic
  5. C

    Best Way to Raise Powerlevel

    I'm relatively new to this game, and enjoy playing as vegeta but can never seem to get the needed 2 million powerlevel to transform. So... I was wondering what is the best way to get the powerlevel needed for the transformation. Thank you. :)
  6. T

    how can i raise the "cf" so i go to super saiyan?

    how can i raise the "cf" so i go to super saiyan? please help me i can all the another things but i can not raise the "cf" :cry: HELP!!
  7. C

    Much improved Oozaru Bebi-Vegeta

    I've changed alot of the model and reskinned the whole thing. I think it looks alot better and much more accurate to the character in the show. I'm looking for someone to host it. esf-world went down like a day after they uploaded my old model and are still down. Even a list of sites that...
  8. Eider


    I dont know if theres a request thread here soo, here ya go: -Is it possible to make a map with a space traveller (like the one goku travelled to Namek with). And then u should be able to switch gravity higher and ur Ki goes higher when fighting in it ???
  9. KilledWithStyle

    PL raise when transforming

    ITs jsut for effects and its also for if youhave yoreu scouter on, you can see (s)he is transforming: When you start the transform, youre power level verry slowly goes up Small incriments at a time. Then in middle it goes up as fast as it goes down (it goes up in power level as if you had...
  10. mysticssjgoku4

    Creating A cone

    how can i create a cone for the top of a pillar with vhe?
  11. Morrone

    Raise The Sky Or We All Die!

    WHen I say this I dont think I am the only one. It gets quiet difficult to play this game in fly mode with such a small ceiling. You can so easily hit the top and when you do you can no longer fire beams and it greatly impairs your vision making you a helpless target. You may think it will...
  12. B

    Ways to raise PL in console when hosting?

    Are there any commands to raise the starting PL for all chars in console or otherwise when hosting a game (IE: In DMZ you can set the start KI using sv_kibase 10000). Thanks.
  13. R

    how do you raise your cf meter?

    how do you raise your cf meter to max?
  14. AscendantSaiyan

    Map Suggestion. Not an Idea.

    Could u use a previous HL or any other mods map if u extented the roof of it. It might be hard due to the rescaleing, different textures, and probally mapping stuff i dont know about WC (although i have mapped for Deus Ex with UnrealEd if u interest in see it mail me) anyways i havent...
  15. D