1. Barack Obama

    Quitting Smoking

    Now as many of you know, I quit smoking. It was a promise I made to my family before going on my campaign. Sure, you've seen that blurry picture of me in random blogs, forwarded emails, and whatnot: Unfortunately, most people do not realize that it's photoshopped from this picture...
  2. wheres_

    I'm obviously not rage quitting here.

    Sorry guys, my idiot mate decided it'd be hilarious to screw with my account. Edit: **** sake sorry guys, please ignore this thread I need to change my router password and this account password.
  3. Spunky

    Quitting Smoking

    Hey all. I've been a smoker since I was about 11 years old, and I know it was a very stupid thing to do. Well, only recently I started having severe chest pains, and I think it may be a result of smoking. I've decided to quit all out, without the patches or the gum or anything at all. I was...
  4. M

    Require assistance - Quitting Fetish of ESF

    HL=>ESF=>Multiplayer=>Lan=>STARTING THE GAME... Precaching(Spelled right?) .... after a few torturing minutes it makes the right sound of the map sorrund stuff ( EX. in falls.map_extention it makes the sound of splashing water ...)... then it quits me out of ESF sorry if same problem was...
  5. S

    Quitting Atuomatically????help plz

    it keeps quitting when im playing like after 2 minutes when i ienter the server. it keeps doin it!!! its getting annoying. any help would be hot. Thanks in advance, a frusterated n00b
  6. N

    Im quitting esf.

    I know some of you are reileved, soe of you probably couldnt care less. But nothing new ever happens here, nobody ever plays esf anymore either. Oh, and when android 16 said he was gonna hack the gF site, I was at his house and I saw the whole thing go down. Oh, and DbZ Piccolo is the...