1. |Overlord|

    Pure Pwnage Episode 12 - Game Over Ep12 isn't available for download yet officially, however can be viewed through a flash based player on the PP site. Just finished watching it, was longer then other episodes I'll let you be the judge and not post any spoilers of what happens.
  2. KidMan

    Dogs + Lasers = Pwnage I was so incredibly high when I watched this video, that I don't remember what I did for a week, but when I came to I had a shoe in my mouth and collar around my neck... Yaz!
  3. bapplebo

    made my Lotus Elise sig more pwnage

    ^_^. NEW: OLD:
  4. tekhsheen

    Pwnage army

    the smallest army i've ever made in red alert 2 infact it is enuf to kill the enemy in less than 5 minuts :devsmile: my korean black eagle army my best score so far
  5. Suh Dude

    Pure Pwnage

    Hahahaha, my dad showed this to me, and I thought you guys should take a look at it. It's really funny like hell. Look at it if you think you're 1337 enough, or play WoW. :P More info at
  6. Mr. Satans

    Pure Pwnage

    If any of you have seen the movie Equilibrium you know about the "l337 pwnage" scenes with the gun martial art "Gun Kata" ( If not, check this out: <i>Link Removed</i> (8MB) Take out all the swearing at the end of the clip and feel free to re-post it Satan - O.P
  7. Rocky

    Pure Pwnage

    In light of the recent threads of really cool stuff people do and post on the internet. (RvB and Mega64) I decided to post my favourite thingy. Episode 4 is my fave followed closely by episode 2 What do you guys think?
  8. E


    well today i was playing and i was happy with this score
  9. MinesSkylineR34

    Subaru Impreza WRX STi WP

    woohoo 10 minutes of nothing hehehe
  10. G

    Teh Pwnage!

    All I have to say is TEH PWNAGE I made this originally no TUTS! I was playing around in photoshop and made something out and looks awesome I have improved ultra much...You'll be amaze how beyond I have go.Is my masterpiece a secret formula that I won't share is only mine muahahahah ok let's go...
  11. suicidal_maniac

    Forum Art

    Heres some original art i made for forum use. Feel free to use these however you please without any respects paid to me. I will post a few more of mine later.
  12. Logan4434

    skinning contest

    ok...see this model well this skinning contest is for it...........the winners skin will be used on the model and another surprise(dunno what it is yet but i prolly got at least a few hours to figure it out,prolly a custom model for them)any way i skin maped it for you and
  13. Demi-Shadow

    Link style sig... pwnage!

    Hey, i'm really hooked on Link (again) so here is my tribute to him in signature form (it is my current sig). I look forward to your comments/compliments/criticisms.
  14. G

    kidbuu skin

    <majindave> modelled and skinmapped me skin
  15. G

    Frieza Form 4

    Im making a frieza form four for esf. The model is almost finished I just have to fix the head from the side. Im going to try and skin it but ill probably fai,l so if you think you can skin it then pm me in a couple days if I don't post a skinned pic. Heres a pic
  16. Chimpbot

    Official PWNAGE Thread!!!!!!

    Greetings, all. POST IN THIS THREAD AND BE PWNED!! Now, you may be asking, "Why have this thread, Chimpbot?" To be quite frank.. Its because I can :D Now, anybody that posts in this thread will be pWned.. the pWnage will be rather severe... Everybody who posts in this thread...