1. Herms

    psing with ball vs beam

    well I dont know about you guys but when im playing and some one thows a ball attack like the big bang and I have a beam attack like the kamehameha it geats really annoying when you get it over the line and into the red wasting more time and ki waiting for it to hit the wall and explode. I...
  2. imkongkong

    Fast charged beams, better PSing

    In the show sometimes the characters are able to quick charge a powerful beam, but they are then more tired when they do. I'm suggesting quick-charge attacks which would be much faster but at the cost of more KI. While charging attacks, right click would not be to pause the charging. While...
  3. D

    psing with gen balls

    yeah, well i got to think about these new generic balls and they seem pretty cool.but then i got to thinking about psing with them and i thought about using a generic beam vs a spirit bomb which then made me think about a generic ball psing with a spirit bomb. say play a has a pl of 30 mil and...
  4. M

    Multiple Psing

    I saw in the beta 1.2 outline, Multiple Ps revisited, i would recomend that the ESF team defidentallly improve this feature. Right now its really hard to put your beam into your teammates to help em out so i'd hope you guys do good with this. Thanks.
  5. Phatslugga


    I dont beleive this has been brought up, but sorry if i'm wrong. Whenever i get into a ps in 1.1 The heads of the beam always end up straying off into a diferent irection and usually moves out too far to hurt the guy that im Psing with. I think it would be a cool feature to implement if you're...
  6. Lone Wolf


    When your PSing, and someone shoots a beam over at the other guy... sometimes he starts to fall. >.< People come over and shoot each other.. they fall, and then they dont get hit by the beam.... Although the damage has been taken off, theres that one problem at ticks me off... kinda