1. liad

    alright so i tryed to run some of my old ps1 games on ps2 but..

    i cant save !! the ps1 game load fine but i cant save with the ps2 memory card in ps1 games it doesnt detect the card i also tryed to put a ps1 memory card in my ps2 but it also isnt detected by the ps1 game or the ps2 itself so can anyone help me and explain how can i save in ps1 games on my ps2
  2. Nuttzy

    crash bandicoot w/ trans

    ignore the readme, i got cs to run once, and his running animation is messed up, as is his transformation, i can blame some of it on the fact its a 1.0 model, but not all of it, anyhow hes good for a laugh, it took me ages to get him ingame, when i finally had the idea to use the sonic...
  3. TwisteR

    Ultimate Battle 22 for ps1

    well i just got ultimate battle 22 for playstation1. but when i bought it i forgot to get a memory card since i got a ps2. personally i think it sucked. you cant even do a kame wave. all you get is a wiered looking fireball. the concept it good but overall i think its a bad game. i give it a...
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