1. Growler

    Proud to Announce: Hitting Trees with comics website is LIVE!

    Hello everyone, I am proud to announce that I've just launched my comics website- Hitting Trees with Comedy and art have a always been a part of my life, but I've never had a cool, unique place to share these interests. About a year ago, I was looking to do a project that...
  2. Robby

    Why I am a proud Nintendo Fanboi Really good stuff. So this is why I love being a Nintendo Fan Boy.
  3. Lord Killmore

    Where you ever proud of friends or family?

    Well my Father got the World Champion Title last evening at......(dunno how to spell it but look at the pics they are gonna tell you :laff: ) As you can guess the guy with the White and red Gi is my father! And this is the point of this thread. I´m very proud of my father and...
  4. Silver.Nikan.

    My Creative Day

    I've made some cool things, I'm proud of my work.. Rate them plz ( This is no rip work , everything is made by me ) Also Check my new Sig & Ava :laff:
  5. Optimus Prime

    Proud to be canadian!

    This is what Jean Chretian (Canadian Prime Ministet) said when he was asked what kind of proof he needed to see in order to support searching for stockpile weapons/war in Iraq. "A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It's a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it's...
  6. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Dragon Ball GT Goku Version 2

    Vell heres the version 2 i hope that this is more like a gt goku... :talk:
  7. |Da|K|

    first grunge indy :b

    Hey guyz i'm very proud of my first indy artwork thing.... hope you all like it as well as i do any one see da guy and his sword stuck in da ground??? CRITZ!
  8. NightShade

    Make us gothic people proud :)

    Metro edit a model for me i wanted to show you all. i am very happy with it. <html> <img src=""> For a thug metro you sure do gothic well :P
  9. God Gundam

    A Head That Talks!!!

    well i got inspired the other day to actually do something for a 3d movie project my friend and i are putting together. so i made part of the main chars head and animated it. just wanna know what you guys think bout it. head.avi
  10. U

    All the models there can be...

    I was wondering why I wouldn't try to make a Thread about asking you guys what models there allready are and what models are being made ass we speak. Give links, download links, pictures, etc. I know allready a link that most of you guys probably also know...
  11. P

    Heres some of my new drawings ppl!!!

    Allright. Ive drawn some new ones. Im not particurarily proud of any of these since theyre enormously disproportional but you might still like to look at them. Heres the links. Copy and paste em ps: sorry theyre so huge again
  12. I

    =(Vegeta)=the saiyan prince

    just finished my vegeta head...and tweaked body but it's still not good...tell me how to make him more vegeta's copy and paste these in ya web browser!
  13. S

    hey kiddies! i got a background!

    hahaha well its just a joke background i made at 2am after a 12pack of mountain dew...boredom, a chemistry book, and a whole ****load of caffeine went into this one
  14. B

    Ssj4 Vegeta, Vegeta Gt, Supervegeta Gt.

    i have made the nexts skins :cell nvl 3, trunk gt and vegeta gt, super vegeta gt and SSJ4 vegeta my e-mail is [email protected] please enter
  15. A

    like my avitar?

    hey everyone.. i made a avitar all by myself!! tell me what u think oh and this is the large version since iss hard to make that one out