1. Warrior_Elite45

    Trees on maps??

    There's a question that has always bothered me. How do you get things like trees on your map? Do you have to use the env_model thing? I really wanna add some trees and stuff to my maps but I don't know how to do it. Can anyone help me out here please?
  2. S

    lava question

    I have a func_water set as lava. It kills instantly. Anyone know how I can lower the damage so it kills you SLOWLY, rather than instantly? There isn't a damage property. I suppose I'll just have to make it water and put a trigger_hurt in it.... :\
  3. S

    Comes there anny ssj2 3 and 4???

    O_o do someone can make that u start ssj 1 then 2 then 3 then 4???? then the game is funnyer so plz make becuas ur so ssj O_o Greetz Supa Brollie and already THNX
  4. Epedemic_Optikz

    Gallit Gun Aura

    Well,Just incase nobody has noticed,I made an electric gallit gun aura.It is hosted on Vengaurds site also and if you guys want or need a pic here is one. Heres the download link also. Crtz Would be nice. :]
  5. ]\/[ITCHELL

    vegeta pack

    i have a vegeta pack containing ssj2 3 and 4 if you want it tell me ok??????
  6. MaX

    my transformation aurapack screens are in the zip..anyway hope ya like it.. it changes the transformation-Auras. :D and looks mega kewl watching somone else. and make sure to read the text files for proper installation and read the readme if ya like :).. anyone this will...
  7. S

    Aura model?? Anyone??

    Hey have one of you ever tried downloading the red aura from the esf aura download section at ?? Well it's nice and all but the effect that follows you is starting to irritate me! It looks to dumb. It's just a straight line that blocks half of the screen sometimes. NOw...
  8. S

    mystic gohan

    i m wonder is the an undameged version of anz adult(mystic) gohan modles cos im not realy into the battle dammige unles it slowly apear on my charichter ass i play but that cant be done yet i think probly could but it would take alot of scripting i would think
  9. VivaLaPineapple

    lain wp

    tell me what u think
  10. A

    Picolo with cape

    Hi its my second model but it wont work Ill cant create a .mdl file milkshape always says found vertex without bone assigment ..... a good modler Please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Cheeseman


    <font size=5> If i see one more person taking credit for a model that they did NOT make, ill go on a banning spree! :\ IF you decide to edit somebodies model, the FIRST thing i want to see in the post, is credit to the orginal producer of the model. I dont care if you edited 50% of the damn...
  12. J

    Lava, how to create it?

    Well, I'm trying to make a map for ESF. I want to put some lava in the map, just like in esf_lavapit. But how do I create that??? Grtz Joene
  13. Darkness

    Map ideas

    Post new map ideas here and ill try and realise the best one along wit local shop and anyone else who wants to help