1. B

    Huge rant thread. *Caution: Walls of text may be present.

    Anchovies. Are. Gross. /rant
  2. sub

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present the greatest game ever made Post your records
  3. nemix12

    Easter Present

    GREAT EASTER PRESENT FOR YOU GUYS: Dragonball Z Character Creator Tool ECX Reborn Project < New Forum > DBZ CCT Pics: Menu: First Look: Random Character: Instructions: Alt + F4 = Close It :) Ctrl + F = Minimize It ;) FUN!!! DOWNLOAD IT :P What I have done with this tool :P:
  4. Ravendust

    Wii not present at E3. Wii = Gamecube with the Wiimote. /hides under a flame-proof shield.
  5. frsrblch

    X-Men 3 Clip **spoilers present**

    You've been warned. And I thought we weren't going to see those big metal badasses in X3.
  6. D


    YEAH WOOHOO THE PRESENT IS FINALLY DONE!!!!!! So what do you guys think of it cuz i think its awsome.
  7. Cenie

    I present, A signature.

    havent visited you all for a while, just thought you might like to see what i made, not sure if its interesting and different or just a pile of crap, critz most welcome! Please make sure you comment on which you prefer. also ive grown up a bit, decided im not l33t and wanted to...
  8. JDeezNutz

    The Night Before My Birthday - Early B.Day Present From A Friend!

    Time: 20:02 Date: 23th August 2005 "The Night Before My Bithday" 'Cause I've seen, oh, blue skies, Through the tears in my eyes, And I realize I'm going home... says: so... 12 fosters, 4 WKD, and 4 Bicardi breezers? Jayﮎter You're amazing Robyn! - LMFAO...
  9. OubliezJe

    Past Present

    Hey, ill be making a flash animation oftradgedies that have ha[[ened int eh past and present leading up to the destruction ofman kind, the way theworld it going itwill prob happen neways nehting that you can think ofwould help. Nothing to serious, like 9/11 or nehitng but like small things...
  10. I

    KelesK - The Past and Present

    Well this is a story I typed up today, if ya'll like it, I'll get another part written. _____________________ "Now learn to harness the vapors that surround you KelesK." Said a deep voice, this belonging to the god of water. KelesK struggled and eventually fell to his knees, overpowered...
  11. The_Forgotten

    Present Ideas?

    My sons birthday is coming up in June and I can only spend a limited amount of money on him.Hes turning 6 so dont suggest anything "weird".I have about $100 to on him so Im trusting you guys to help me out...
  12. Reptile

    christmas present?

    lets see if the esf team is giving us a present for christmas, like they did last year, it would give me another reason to run from my famili :laff: :D :fight: suprise me us :p
  13. G

    Soon Crismas ESF team come with a present

    Dear ESF team... it would be sooo cool if you could have 1,2 ready for crismas... could be a great present for us :D
  14. Majin_You

    Notice - WonID's

    Derived from the Devil Information Thread is the following list of WonID's. Please add them to your autoexec.cfg file to ban the WonID's that Devil and/or other crashers have been known to use. ------------------------------------------------- Name(s) Associated with Server Crashers (Past...
  15. VivaLaPineapple

    Standout Presents

    ok now i have made fun of many styles in the past and its time to make fun of myself. so Standout presents a minimal effort tutorial tools needed photoshop 3dsmax 1. open up photoshop and set the res to 1074x768 2. fill the area with a dark blue to semi dark blue sunburst gradient 3...
  16. W

    Okay, gonna need some help with a model...

    First off, if you don't like the idea of this model being in the game, that's fine. I don't really care if you don't like it. Go read another thread, don't D/L this model when it comes out, or anything else. Now, on to the meat of the matter. I need some help getting a model animated. It's...
  17. G

    Mirroring pics

    What is a program that I can mirror pics?
  18. G


    is there a site to gets esf prefabs? cause i need a kamis lookout, but cant find one, and oh and a rounded house like gokus and capsule corp too pleeeeasssee!
  19. E

    present your maps...

    first, @ moderators: Are we allowed to present maps, we mapped for other mods in this mapping forum? so we can see what others are able to. if not, then you can close this thread! if, then I invite all you other mappers in these forums to present maps youve mapped since you started. No...
  20. Mewtwo

    Squall Siggy

    I made this one in about an hour. <embed src="" quality="high" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="75" NAME="banner" ALIGN> what do you all think? is it better than my present one?