1. final shine


    come up with them or just post one you allready know ;p well, this is relativly easy and efective :3 1 plastic cup 1 cigar lighter ok, what you do is put the cup upside down on the table, bring it close to the edge of the table so you can get some gass from the lighter in it when you...
  2. JDeezNutz

    Sleep Over Pranks!... Take II (5 video clips)

    Hello again fellow forum pet monkahs! This is the last sleep over before my mum got back from her holiday. It was a blast over the past 2 weeks. Enjoy the clips =) CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE
  3. Ravendust

    When pranks go wrong ;O

    The Scene My friend and myself are, to put it lightly, in the ****. It started off as a harmless prank. We have a friend at our school with rather upper-class, rich parents, and he's one of the few of us that actually owns a car. Now what he has in money he lacks in common sense, he always...
  4. B

    Official List of Pranks!

    Ok. I was bored this weekend, so i began thinking of old pranks and stuff that people have done and crap I've read about. What are some pranks that you have pulled? So i got to thinking... hmm... i hate that fat kid who always shows off... I went to the bait shop, bought some frozen...
  5. B

    goku jr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    guy i will release a skin from GG. tell me if i broke a rule or not i didn't read the tired too lazy Sorry guys but i don't know how to take ashot of my skinz but heres the download If u can't download it wil here...