Official List of Pranks!

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May 19, 2005
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Ok. I was bored this weekend, so i began thinking of old pranks and stuff that people have done and crap I've read about.

What are some pranks that you have pulled?

So i got to thinking... hmm... i hate that fat kid who always shows off...

I went to the bait shop, bought some frozen shrimp... 4 boxes of them...
I went to his house at about 2 in the morning, i opened his mailbox, and i stuffed it full of the shrimp!

If you dont know what dead, rotting shrimp smell like... your lucky.

Next, i was at the river fishing with my dad, and i snagged a stergion (sand stergion? spelling)

My dads friend pete told me that stergions get really slimy when you take em out of the water, so i went to my dads friends cabin, with the fish, and i set it in front of his door. in about 15 minutes it slimed all over the ****ing place.

then we left?

whats some stuff you guys have done? I like taking potato guns and shooting cows, or going to hy-vee and buying dry ice and shooting it into the river with a potato gun and scaring everyone!
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Mar 25, 2003
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Prank #1
On a fare ride, big wheel as some call it...
Bring a screw-driver and a screw/ bolt with you while entering the ride.
Wait until you get right to the top, get the screw-driver out and drop the screw/ bolt infront of the person incharge, then start waving the screw-driver at the manager controlling the ride. :]

Prank #2
While on a long plane journey, wait for your friend/ family member or the passenger sitting next to you to fall asleep.
Then carefully take out the oxygen mask, put it on...
Wake up the person sitting next to you with a shocked face. :fight:

Yeah...I rule! XD

I have not tried these, but thought they would be good to post!

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