1. Rikmaru

    Fighting Positions

    I think the team already may think about it but just for sure...add fighting positons XD...instead of Goku just keep stand looking right and left...make he stay on some fighting position looking right and left XD
  2. E

    Gallick Gun hand positions

    Imo the hand positions for the gallick gun has to change, right now it looks as if hes charging a kamehameha. I saw the thread about not changing both his leg and hand positions and the leg part is understandable but there is nothing wrong in chaning the hand positions so it looks more like...
  3. Eon

    Staff Positions: Open

    As some ofyou know, I am working on the esf newsletter, and I am offering staff positions, the only person that I have so far is Chitenga, and he will do interviews as well, all staff members will do an editorial if they want, but post some suggestions and something you could do or PM me for a...
  4. M

    Just a few drawings...

    Alright... Now, I've been told that this guy looks a lot like Gohan, ok, whatever. He does resemble Gohan, but, that's only 'cause he's a character I created for an RPG that is a decendant of Gohan. All of the following drawings are origional and my own. (And not that great might I add)...
  5. S

    Camera Positions

    Hello, i want to know how i can make some camera positions on maps, so i can change to them while i make a power struggle. and how can i change to them then??? (just like in cs_assault where u can look at cameras) __________________________________________ i have read somewhere that...