1. Wangster

    different poses

    well, from now on, i wil be practicing different poses with my drawings to get a better understanding of the skeleton. here is what i made today, what do you think?? C&C are greatly appreiciated.
  2. Rebirah

    My test poses

    New! These are some of my test poses becasue I never usually put them in poses. I usually have them just standing. And there are NOT suppost to bedetailed and look good so dont complain about them lookling like crap, just crit on how I can make the poses look better. Thanks Edit...
  3. NeLo

    NeLo's Art

    Well i found out how to scan my shiz. So im happy. Anyway i had to trace my work due to the paper that i originally drawn it on was too huge.(11 x 14 inches) That made me mad so i had to trace it and then scan it. :S So here it is. Btw it is not as good as the original. This was a like a 5 mins...
  4. dudeman

    Dudeman Figures :)

    ppl seemed to like the dudeman figure i made but u can only see it in my sig or wps.. so i decided to give out the "cells" so ppl can have an easy look at it and give their opinions :)
  5. Ryoko

    Which of my drawings do you like best?

    Which of my drawings do you think is best? Could you also say why please. 1) http://ryoko.resistance-resonator.com/Ryoart.jpg 2) http://ryoko.resistance-resonator.com/Ryokoartshad.jpg 3) http://ryoko.resistance-resonator.com/MangaRyoko.jpg 4)...