1. R


    Sugar spice and everything nice............thats what u get if u get bored one night.
  2. Jonesdaniel

    Join a server and *poof* halflife dissapears

    It gives no errors at all, just goes back to the desktop. I wouldn reinstall halflife but my bro has lost the disk.... Any help would be pretty nice
  3. Pain

    beam boom poof?

    ive never seen a character in dbz prematurly detonate a blast. i think a better idea would be for right-click to detatch the beam. so u can still get off of the attack when u need to, but at least now it will atcualy take some sort of effort to hit a target with a blast.
  4. Mr. Satans

    Heh heh "poof" idea

    I just got this idea from t'day's (03-26-03) DBZ episode, when Fat Buu ran outa energy (I guess) he tried firing more beams but it came out as a poof sound and pink puffy smoke, that'd be pretty funny/cool in game.
  5. D

    whats wrong with my model !! ??

    Hi, i just started to try something to model, it a body i got it in flatshaded mode but why are those black things :| and how can i put them away. Tnkx Click here 4 a pic Click here:(
  6. S

    SIg~ rate Plz

    This is mA third n Prob my best sig yet. wat chuZ think?? o_o o_o
  7. Bryggz

    Model edits

    Hey guys i wanna hear some people out on what u think needs some editin'. cause i already put somethin into armored trunks (check somewhere in this forum for pics i think you'd like it) soooooooooooo i just wanna get some ideas on what people want around here. i 'precciate the input