1. B

    Sing me a song of songs, a poem of poems, an epic tale of epic tales

    Game: Create a song about peaches. However you can only do one phrase / line at a time. The lyrics must be original and not from a famous artist/band. I'll start you off: Peaches are sweet
  2. G


    can someone help me make a poem about home? i have to make one and bring it to school......and im not a poet so its really hard for me to think of one :(
  3. Chakra-X

    Poem of 2005

    Since the New Year is comming up, thought a forum "game" would be necessary to have going until January 1st. So the point is, you make a sentence regarding something with the year 2005 (Please people, no depressing personal things like "my girlfriend left me for some ass" =/), but it can be a...
  4. OubliezJe

    Poem in a picture.

    This is a poem i wrote, and decided to put it into a picture. theres not to much to the Picture but im satisfyed with it lol. C&C on the poem and Picture. PLus if you dont have anything to say to make it better or nice to say dont put your input.
  5. S


    When i was playing beta today i was gohan and just came up with a ryhme or poem if what people would call it: Stones will fly The ground will quake Energy will rise A new sayin is awake
  6. NightShade


    The darkness falls making me feel more alone. Does it matter why it came? Does it matter who made it? The effect is the same. Darkness is the fear of the youth. Darkness is the peace to olders. So is the darkness a life that drains away our soul? When you are in the dark. you feel most...