1. I

    pleas i need help

    have someone skins to super17 Eclipse?? this topic
  2. ciarkol

    pleas i need help

    have someone skins to super17 Eclipse?? this topic
  3. S

    pleas help

    give mee one god server pleace i won too playyyyyyyy
  4. G


    I need servers for the game i'm downloaded the game but no servers pleas give me servers
  5. P

    ESF culd not be found on selected destinatoin. pleas choose again. HELP!!

    O_o ESF culd not be found on selected destinatoin. pleas choose again... wtf do i do?
  6. I

    help with model/ sprite[ing] pleas

    Sorry, i searched and searched for this but no it wouldt find it. anyway where and what are the best sprite maker/ editor i can DL i heard something about a spr wizard. or whatever please help
  7. P

    help me please

    I really want to know how I can make models or mods. if there is a special program I'll be glad to know about it. I really need help, please with thanks powersnake
  8. U

    help please

    could some one show me how to work on milkshape 3d
  9. J

    dead pack

    for the people who want it; I've edited a few models to create a 'dead pack' here's a pic: COPY & PASTE I didn't host the pack yet, does anyone know a place where I can host it? oh, to avoid mistakes, I only edited it....:laff: *edit* credits here...
  10. F

    Pleas help me

    I have tried anything to get the esfbeta11 runing and I always have a problem (it wont work) The most I have got till now is a screen that changes colour en then quits to windos (after I created a lan game) all other games (quick, internet, ...) quit to windos the second I klik them...
  11. MysticVegeta

    Help me please

    Am making a cooler model but i cant reskin the head right. Can somebody please Help me??? Their is a black with red thing on his head i have a pic if somebody can host it you can see
  12. S

    can i have som help with milkshape3d please

    :scared: i need som help with milkshape3d, how i open models from esf? or other like cs, hl, mdl
  13. Z

    need a compiler/ animator

    hy i need some 2 who can compile my models into a q2 model and i need some 1 who can animate m dont ask for pics cous i wil give them when the game is releast
  14. StriKe!

    Chibi Goku pack

    Hey all, the last past weeks, i've been working on a chibi goku model. I edited the Goten model God Gundam made. But i couldnt skin, so the project was off, till Mr. Bugskin made 1, i used his so credits go to him for skin. I also cant model good yet (ssj3 hair) so i usd logans ssj3 hair...
  15. E

    New Layout, Feedback please

    layout Feedback hey fellas, Im working on a layout for a client, and I was wondering if you could gimme some feedback. Thanks.
  16. Z

    wod is on q2 now

    hy wod changed to the q2 engine can some one help me with modling for q2 cous i normally only can model for q3 and hl pleas help me with tutorails or info edit : come on 65 views and no reply's ???? come on poeple work with me
  17. alexss

    plz plz PLZ HELP ME PLEAS

    hey i have a major prob here ok here it goes i cant mele or go ssj or the game crashes and i cant go to that vidio mode that seems to work for every 1 open cl or somthing ya well eny way pleas if u have eny sugestions they would be much apreciated
  18. V

    Logan4434's SSJ2 Goku model

    Does anyone know where I can get this model? I've been asking Logan through PM but he hasn't responded. So could someone if you have it please send it to [email protected] Thanks. Oh and someone should really put this model up at I don't know why so many people make...
  19. V

    post your models here please

    im looking for an ssj4 goku and ssj4 vegeta anyone got it?;/ ;/ ;/ ;/ ;/
  20. V

    can someone give me a link to d/l the normal ssj trunks please

    i need my normal ssjtrunks back the d/l looks like something outta a horror flick and i honestly need the normal one back:cry::cry: :cry: :cry: this one blows:cry: :cry: :cry: