1. Viper

    Viper plays

    Following Origin's idea of recording gameplay and posting it, I started to record all the games I play. You might notice that in some videos part of the HUD shows. That's becasue I had to crop the videos to prevent Youtube's infamous black bars. When I get my new widescreen display, I hope to...
  2. Dalte89

    Damaera is a Lesbian Because he plays POKEMON!!!

    Damaera is a Fat Stinky monkey lesbian still plays pokemon. WTF. Someone tell him that pokemon is for the 1990s, not now. Its embarassing
  3. Blodgharm

    who plays 1.2.3 with the add ons?

    im just wonderin because thier is only one server and i hardly see any one in the ecx server
  4. Kaination

    Kaination plays the drums!

    I've been playing for two months, don't be too harsh D: As pointed out by Lith, NIPPLES IN HD.
  5. G

    Who PLays Clan DBGT 2 ?

    hey if any of you play this can you help me.... i dont no what to do
  6. D

    ESF plays at CS?

    i know esf plays at half life and i am gonna buy a legal cd but did esf plays at cs (coz i like cs more than half life) plz reply, ty
  7. M

    Is It me or does more then 70% who plays ESF speak Engrish?

    I know my english isnt perfect either but on most Servers i go on People are like:i are cant combo plz teahc me or omg yo lowlife yor a n00b for nut teaching me combo,I can rember when Esf 1.0 got released everyone spoke decent english and now most people speak engrish<.<
  8. N

    everyone who plays this game is a jerk

    well, not everyone, but most people. I don't want to sound like I'm crying, but it's true. I'm sure a lot of people could back me up with this too. There is just something about this game that just brings out the worst in people. For instance, I was just recently in a game where I was at the...
  9. samurai^Kurai

    Who plays 1.1?

    nah i got bored of stupid melee in 1.2 so i started to play 1.1 again. does someone of u also play 1.1 again?
  10. SuperDragonFist

    Who plays FF11

    just wondering who actually plays FF11 here. Im Demomelie and in server Shiva lvl 33PLD/16WAR
  11. D

    Guess who plays the xylophone?

    Patrick moore does, what do you think | | | \/ :tired:
  12. C


    who ever reads this thanks you on behalf of the nubs that cant tell which models are left and right, there i am dling a shotgun skin and i drag all the files into cstrike and finshed when i dont know if its a right or left cause i cant tell by the file name that starts with this letter plz reply...
  13. C

    Any One That Plays DragonBallZeta Read This!!!!

    hey guys who ever reads this thanks :D well the point of this thread is PLZ ME AND GOKU4EVER need help, we cant figuer out how to play it i played it for 30mins the first time i installed it and once this morning after i tried for 5 hours of methods (^_^*) hehe and i finally got it for about 2...
  14. C

    What character who plays this game do you think is best?

    i don't mean to brag but i think i am the best... every time i play a game i'm always top scored person. what about you guys?
  15. G

    "Neo-GEo game char Image-Pics"

    hi ya! i made some pics and working now on a Terry pic fom King of Fighters 2001:) here r my current pix 1. 2. comments plz pic current under construction:
  16. DJ-Ready

    My 2nd map is finished...

    Hehe, today i´ve finished a new alpha version of my new"S2k_Skyfight" map.... it will be released tomorrow... *g* so check out my 2nd map but remember that there aren´t so much details...but they would be added in a few days and it will be have a new skymap.