1. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Own Anime!!!!!!

    Hi guys/girls , im planing to make an own Anime with new characters , a hole story , etc. I just need some helpers (that can draw very well anime) and maybe some guys/girls helping with the storyline ! Nothing is done yet , cuz i dont want to start anything alone , i need something like a...
  2. R

    Map Quality

    I dont know if this is the right forum to post this, but this is a map question, as im hearing, there will be very huge maps in the next version, or just scaled down models, "whateva", anyways, in huge maps like cellgames or something, when i fly to top of the map in clouds, i cant see the...
  3. R


    Okay guys, I'm new to making skins, but I have played around with milkshape for a little while. Is this a good program to use, or is there another prog that will do better? Also, if in tips/tutorials could be sent, that would be awesome. Thanks <img...
  4. DJ-Ready

    Now you can get my newest map... *gg*

    hehe... and again a new map from me... for the next few weeks no esf map will be come out from me but definetively will be new maps created for u... So, here r some screenies 4 u from my new map:
  5. S

    I'm in awe of you Vassago

    Vassago I am in awe of your modeling/skinning abilities. Also is there any chance the next release will be coming soon? I know it's tough work and I'm not trying to rush everyone just curious... well that's it. :\ I just wish I could model. Visit my homepage:p
  6. p5yCh0

    another non sig thread yay!

    yay its another non sig post!!! yay!!
  7. D

    I played as Gordon Freeman in ESF!!! I have proof!

    I was playing as Grodon Freeman & decided to post a pic here, so i pushed the printscreen button, & saved the pic to Microsft word, but i cant post it here for some reason:S "wrong format" How do i change a pic form word(.doc) to paint shop pro etc(.jpg/.bmp)?? gonna play ESF now, ill...
  8. S

    Best Explosion Ever!!!

    Not sure it was becuase I had set the gravity really high but me (Gotenks007) and my friend (Nightshade) were both goku. We had almost exactly 3.2mil energy and fired a kamehameha wave which stayed right in the middle until our powers ran out. Now mine ran out first so the energy slowly moved...