1. Reading Rainbow

    Force Pit questions

    How many Force Pit members are there at the moment? Also why are there no longer forum competitions? The last competition that I saw happened in 2009. I saw the Force Pitters thread and read that people who have contributed to the community are granted access however this is only done...
  2. Mous4u

    Mous4u To The Force Pit?

    In The Chatbox people are editing my chats now i want REVENGE! And not only that but i sometimes want to close MY OWN Thread if i solve the promblem and..then things go offtopic and then i close it! Vote For ME FOR FP!!
  3. elcor

    Creative Updates From The Pit

    Source: http://esforces.com/news/30/51/Creative-Updates-From-The-Pit.html Posted Oct 21, 2009 by xstortionist
  4. B

    One time only thing! Force pit content released!

    Just kidding. Discuss.
  5. Damaera

    Spam Pit

    That's right, the official spam thread. You, the community has spoken, we listened. Now, here is a list of rules. Please follow them. - Follow the AUP at all times. - This thread will be HEAVILY moderated. - Your post count will NOT be increased in this thread. - Since this thread will not be a...
  6. Skyrider

    Force Pit Information Thread

    -= Force Pit Information =- What is The Force Pit? The Force Pit is a special V.I.P (Very Important Person) area for people who have contributed in some way to the community. Inside The Force Pit you will see all sorts of exclusive media that the general public doesn't have access to. This...
  7. gohan_ssj2

    Force Pit

    how do i get access to force pit ??..the link on the sticky is not working..
  8. Spunky

    Boy Falls Into Gorilla Pit!!!

    http://www.spikedhumor.com/articles/78386/Little_Boy_Falls_Into_A_Gorilla_Enclosure.html So THAT's why mommy always said never to jump in and play with the cute little monkeys.
  9. shadowcast

    Force Pit

    Well recently Croatia got enlisted as a paypal user.......so i can buy my way in ForcePit.........Now how does things work??? I pay my ticket and then what???XD
  10. wheres_

    Force Pit Question.

    I've just transfered some funds into my new paypal account and im gonna get force pit access, my question is: Is all the force pit media archived in the section? I don't want to sign up for a couple of pics that are going to be shown in a few weeks time.
  11. F

    The Force Pit

    How does one join the force pit? I tried using pain's link above in the force pit info thread and it doesn't work.
  12. seb

    Is the force pit down for a reason?

    I tried a second ago to pay for the force pit O_o Topic says it all.
  13. Rayne

    Force pit

    Is force pit worth buying. I dont even no for sure what it is, a members only webpage? So if someone could give me a little more information im thinking about buying membership. thanks
  14. Phobius

    No Talent? No Money? Want Force Pit Access? [READ!!]

    So how would you like view the force pit and have access paid for by moi? Theres only one thing you have to do and that is vote for the person you think deserves access to our secret area. I have a few rules that if broken you will not be eligible for the prize and will recieve an immediate...
  15. MuscularYoda

    Force Pit - Paid - Not listed under ESF League.

    Transaction ID: 62W5136247085542A Sales Tax: $0.00 USD Total: $5.00 USD Item/Product Name: Force Pit subscriptions Subscription Item/Product Number: 1_14433 Buyer: Chad E**** Iv been in communication with Pain for some help. He has done all that can, so i figured I would post...
  16. TourPallanen

    I subscribed to Force pit and i need help!!!

    Hi i subscribed to forcepit about a week ago and i am just wondering how do you guys give us force pit subcribers the info is it via email, via pm or are you guys gonna open a forum that only force pit subscribers can go on? if you need proof that i did subscribe i can give it to you right now...
  17. Kaination

    Force pit :0

    Yeah, im finally joining the force pit o/ But one thing I need to know: Who and where do I mail the 5 bucks to?
  18. DracoHeart

    About Force Pit

    I understand that if we want to know exactly what ESF is doing under development, the best place to know is the Force Pit. But why does it have to be hidden from the other members who didn't win the forum competition or didn't even participate in it? There are rarely any forum competitions and...
  19. wheres_

    Not so free access to the Force Pit.

    Is it possible to gain not so free access, if so how, coz ive had enough of this exclusion ****.
  20. K

    force pit.

    i am going to send money for the force pit thing using paypal but i have one question, when i send money how does it work is it just activated by itself or in an email or what how do i activate once i have sent the money?Also is there any other way to pay besides paypal?
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