1. Deathshot

    One Piece Z

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU2oGq9mo7s So it begins....
  2. Shadi

    One Piece of the week[Manga Spoilers]

    Same as all the others, just with One Piece... I was surprised that no more Fairy Tail readers were there.. anyway I've seen some avatars with One Piece around so I might be more lucky this time.. also that should do so we have all 4 big jump thingies... throw in a sticky if they become popular...
  3. Nick_Da_Wizard

    One Piece drawings and requests

    im gonna be doing one piece drawings (and request drawings here) enjoy :) Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. Tenzo

    One Piece: Anime&Manga

    I wanted to post this in the OP manga thread but since that one is closed, well i made a new thread. So i finally caught up with the anime and the manga and i've added OP as a weekly manga read. Most of you guys recommended OP and i can now see why. It has - a solid storyline(it's true that...
  5. Sicron

    Help finding the name of some music piece

    Recently I heard this piece of music on one of the Fox's Fall Season previews, since then, the movie has been deleted of Youtube by them (obviously..) but I was 'forced' to watch a documentary in class today, and the documentary just happened to include that piece of music as well, a longer...
  6. Kaination

    One Piece Anime (Tag Spoilers!)

    Well, this is for the anime itself, not the manga. Make sure you use
  7. nihao

    One Piece Manga

    thread for one Piece this is kinda funny but look at black beards team. and look at this movie... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Adventures_of_Baron_Munchausen
  8. Deathshot

    Dragonball x One Piece

    http://www.onemanga.com/Cross_Epoch/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko65bmV6F18 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Emst926EyQg&feature=player_embedded
  9. Deathshot

    One Piece Settei

    I have now uploaded around 100+ Settei for One Piece. All for my friends the Modelers. =) http://teamrad.game-server.cc/downloads/Settei Preview:
  10. Arsenovicius

    [Large Piece] Virtual Reality

    Been bored at home and i though of doing this .. thing. :D
  11. LionHeart

    One Piece Discusions [anime only, spoilers included]

    Ok guys it's time to get an One Piece discusion here. I don't really keep in touch with the manga, mostly the anime. Who liked the latest episode ? xD man .. zoro really got himself into a mess there.I just can't wait to see what Franky will be building.
  12. frsrblch

    The iPhone is a piece of **** and so is your face

    Flawless victory. http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=iphone
  13. M

    Dragon Ball Z and One Piece

    I found this while browsing through the internet, it would seem that these were shown at an anime convention. Note: All dialogue is in Japanese, and it's kind of hard to see the other screens. Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rH_ZjXJE_w&search=dbz%20one%20piece%20convention%20anime...
  14. S

    Modeling Competition 3 – Small Fantasy Environment Piece 16-08-05 - 1-10-05

    Modeling Competition 3 – Small Fantasy Environment Piece ------------------------------------------------ Description: Building on skills is important, so I believe this competition should further expand abilities touched on in previous challenges. Saying that I will balance this don’t...
  15. Naz

    Another piece from me

    Just practice http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/20859018/ Just trying some... 3d, and 2d, atmosphere and all. Enjoy
  16. G

    One Piece Anime??

    Could someone tell me what this anime is about and if it's any good at all? O_o
  17. Ravendust

    Narutobobo Piece

    Cartoon Network has bought the rights to dub Naruto, One Piece and Bobobo for airing this year. Naruto will start in Autumn, One Piece in Summer and Bobobo in Winter. Erm, woo. I'm sure it'll be edited down to the bone but it's exciting stuff nonetheless. Source...
  18. D

    a piece of my mind to whoever cares to read it

    u might not care what i think... u dont have to care... but this goes out mainly to the staff, I think u have put up an enormous work on 1.2 and it is an awesome game, I think u created a great community and a great site and whatever u did on everything is great, but I have been a member of this...
  19. -Origin

    latest piece

    Thinking about using this as my Devart ID.
  20. -Origin

    New piece.

    http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/13457885/ Feel free to comment.