1. Sc4recroW

    Check Out My "Art"

    Just some random "Art" I've made over the years, I have more than this, these are just the ones I had posted to IMGUR. I hope to someday become an animator or a manga artist but sadly I just feel like I'm not skilled enough. The only formal training I've had was a high school art class. I've...
  2. Critical_Error

    Some DBZ pictures I drew

    I know I'm not the best and the obvious flaws are obvious but since no one had posted anything in awhile I though I might share mine.
  3. sub

    Bundle screenshots with the installer for Steam background pictures

    I'm not 100% sure this is possible, but I think it's worth looking into. Include 10 screenshots in the installer so that instead of this we have this Also, include an icon with the game for the Steam menu
  4. Spunky

    Wanted: New Sub

    If anyone is up for the job, I need a new Sub. This means someone who: Is smarter than the rest of this forum. Listens to ****ty acoustic music. Tells me all about their love for ****ty acoustic music. Reads Reddit religiously. Occasionally sends me awesome pictures and videos. Is willing to...
  5. D


  6. Deathshot

    Pictures that make you Think Twice about your Childhood Cartoons.

    Cmon people. Post more.
  7. V

    Few pictures

    hello, i vould like to show you two picutes i made useing Microsoft Paint program, unforunetaly its not about DBZ, but i'am still proud of it :D
  8. Mr.Lukyas

    DB pictures

    Let's make here a large collection of DB pictures. U can send those from net, and those edited by Ure self. Of course, all crits about pictures are allowed.:paper:
  9. S

    Where can I upload POTW pictures?

    I have some pictures I did in Earth's Special Forces and I want to enter the contest for POTW, but I don't know where to put the pictures (I know how), can anyone help me?
  10. Alica_goku_ssj4

    Pictures from movie?

    what program shud i use to take screen shoots in movies ? because when i press print screen in movies i go to paint paste and then i ca see the movie in paint!
  11. dudeman

    ESF group pictures 2003, 2004 and 2005

    Hey all! Some of you might know me, I bet most do not since the original ESF community has nearly entirely flushed and refilled over time. Anyhow I saw someone picked up the line where I dropped it and continued making ESF murals, big thumbs up for him! What I'm wondering about right now is...
  12. veqeta

    Pictures you draw in paint :P

    well here are two of mine :) er a lil stuffed up on the hand of this vegeta but meh :P <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at...
  13. E

    how do i put pictures?

    how do i put pictures on my posts?
  14. P

    Question about Gmax and reference pictures

    Hey guys i have a problem with gmax. I've been doing some basic modeling for awhile and im pretty family with gmax and what it has to offer. I was using davidskiwan's goku ref and loaded it in fine. However when i zoom in moderately close, the pic gets blurry and im unable to make out the...
  15. Growler

    More suggestions with pictures :0

    Ok, I am making more of these... but here are just a few that I have produced. These 4 images are a collection of different changes I would like to be made in ESF 1.3. Please take these concepts into consideration. You don't have to go to the magnatude that I have went in terms of spriting, but...
  16. VivaLaPineapple


    ive hardly ever posted a picture of myself in this forum but here is a rare exception you will be bale to see me as the joker.
  17. X

    Tokyo Game Show 2005 [Pictures & Videos]

    I also posted this in my forum. Some guy posted that on forums. The pictures are at the mid/top of the page. A bunch of nice cosplays (Sol Badguy, Cloud & few others) There are four videos at the bottom of the page...
  18. Mccdbz5

    How do I get pictures on this website?

    You know when people take pictures from ingame on ESF, well how do you post those pictures on this website? I tried ImageShack but it only lets you make them really small, so like you can't see them. Can someone please tell me how to get big pictures taken from ESF on here? And what I mean by...
  19. ZeroNightmare

    Where to find pictures of high rez guns?

    I've seen cool pictures of guns, very good quality, on white backgrounds, anyone know where to find these?
  20. Growler

    Cool Pictures of my vacation

    I went to Chicago and I wanted to show you some pictures of the plane trip, some of this park I went to called Millenium Park, and some others.
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